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A new community organisation has recently started up covering an area in the north east of Harringay and beyond its eastern borders.

The St Ann's Conservation Area Advisory Committee has published the following organisational aims:

- the restoration of buildings and the environment within the conservation area;
- the preservation and enhancement of the the St. Ann's conservation area;
- the extension of the conservation area;
- the designation as conservation areas the parts of Green Lanes, West Green and Seven Sisters that share a boundary with St. Ann's ward and which are mainly a mixed retail and residential use;
- the local or national listing of numerous buildings;
- the carrying-out of regular tree surveys and environmental audits;
- to research and publish a detailed history and record of the area and develop a local history archive;
- to engage the wider community including businesses, schools, places of worship, community centres and groups by organising walks and talks on the area’s history and on it’s place in today’s and tomorrow’s world.
- the ongoing development of the photo library.

For further infomation on the conservation area, see Haringey Council's Website Page on St Ann's Conservation Area.

Whilst the group is establishing an on-line presence, if you are interested in supporting this group, you may contact them via this website by emailing Harringay Community Website

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