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I heard the 2 closed shops that were previously Afters/Wanda/Opera are become a double wide kebab, and the shop to the right of Masqood is becoming another kebab.

There was also some noise about Co-Op taking the big Dogtas discount spot on the corner but they've now pulled out.

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I walked past today and you’re right, Andrew. It looks like the standard set-up - grilling one side seating the other. And the two sides are joined about half way back.

I rang Ian at the LCSP and he’s going to write to the council again and give them an update. It looks like they might be hoping to open before Christmas when the council isn’t around and by the New Year, perhaps they’re hoping it will be a slam dunk.

The Council takes a position that they won’t enforce until an infringement has actually happened. Usually this means they won’t enforce until the restaurant has opened. It seems silly, but if that’s the way they do things, that’s the way they do things.

Good work Hugh. Thank you for the update.

Toys are firmly in hand to evacuate my perambulator!

I presume, Hugh, he's going to open one side and bank on an appeal. I'd be surprised if they wave it through though.

does anyone know why Co-Op pulled out? also does anyone know what will happen to the old post office?

I think there’s now going to be a co op on the ground floor of the Travelodge currently under development on the corner of Manor House. Probably (correctly) betting on the development across the road as a major source of demand.

Either matey hasn't got the memo or he doesn't give a toss.

Yes walked by the other day and saw work go on in earnest. Clearly not minded to follow the rules. The council should make an example out of this one. 

Yes, Hanedan (in the old Afters/Opera) is now open as a double wide, connected kebab place as expected.

I wonder what planning will do here.

Local planning watchdog, Ian Sygrave, has reported this serious breach to Planning, and asked for immediate action.

Watch this space.

I really do wonder what is going on with some premises on GL.  Spend a fortune on an illegal conversion knowing the likelihood is high that you will be shut down - it’s seems to be happening again and again.



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