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I heard the 2 closed shops that were previously Afters/Wanda/Opera are become a double wide kebab, and the shop to the right of Masqood is becoming another kebab.

There was also some noise about Co-Op taking the big Dogtas discount spot on the corner but they've now pulled out.

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Re Wanda / Afters. - 6 Grand Parade was Tara and Hanci restaurant before Afters. And application for 5 Grand Parade to retain A3 was refused as recently as March. So its difficult to see how they expect to get an A3 for a double premises - but who knows.

505 Green Lanes, next to Maqsood is also A1 as far as I'm aware.

The reason the A3 was refused on 5 Grand Parade was because 43.17% of Green Lanes units are non-retail use. This exceeds the 35% limit set out in Haringey's policies. It seems that Haringey has finally found enough mettle to limit A3 planning approvals as per its policy.

If it does so again, neither development will be approved. 

I also checked on the application for Wanda/Afters and that was refused. I’m pretty comfortable these won’t see the light of day. Notwithstanding, looks like Izmir is getting new floor installed and the former Hashtag fish and chip shop looks set to become some version of kebab. 

They had a full on bakery inside 505 which I am pretty sure steps outside A1?

I never knew who they were baking for though!

I did hear the spot across from the Sailsbury that was being renovated for what seemed like a year was going to become a kebab but it's now an office. Perhaps the 35% had something to do with that.

I think it was owned by Yasar Halim. They weren’t selling on site and it wasn’t hot food. So I assume it was A5. (But I’m no expert on this). 

What is A1, A3, A5 out of interest?

Also with regards to the 35% non-retail use, does it mean that only 35% of Commercial establishments on Green Lanes are allowed to be restaurants/Kebab shops? I would still welcome more non-Turkish restaurants in the area. Genuinely non-Turkish ones...


The use class doesn’t designate cuisine, just use.

Re the 35%, yes in theory only 35% should be A1 (i.e. serving cooked food to eat on the premises). Haringey allowed their limit to be breached many times for years, but finally started upholding it at the start of this year. Their fist decision to uphold it was appealed but they were supported by the Planning Inspector. So I hope they will now show cojones going forward. 

what do you think prompted that decision? Let's hope that it attracts some other businesses. I still have the feeling that the whole of Green Lanes is controlled by a Mafia which is a bit of a deterrent. Maybe not something to be discussed on here... It just seems when anything different opens it never manages to stay open that long unfortunately...

There's a refurb going on at no 60 Grand Parade, next to the dry cleaners - I think it was formerly a phone shop. There's no planning application in, but probably worth keeping an eye on what they are doing.

I didn't really follow what was going on with these applications, the latest I can see was that permission was refused, but it looks like Afters/Opera is about to open as a double wide kebab place.

I think there are ways to fudge things if someone wants to run the premises as all but a double-fronted. This came up with a premises further down the road. 

Or, it might be that the premises will be opened as two separate parts. From Dave's photo below, it looks like there may not be a join between the two premises. 

If it's the former case, there will be enough voices raised to the Council that it will be hard for them to ignore. If it's a case of the latter, then it will still be worth keeping a wachimg breif to ensure that things don't drift. 

But let's wait and see what the set-up ism before throwing our toys about. 

From the quick look as I walked past it appeared to be joined into one.



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