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More than 1% of people in Harringay have had a positive Covid test result in the last 7 days

The 'rolling rate' of Covid19 positive tests in the local area is now over 1000 cases per 100,000 (i.e. >1%) in the last 7 day period. This will be an underestimate of infection levels, as some people won't have symptoms.

Zoom in on the Government's interactive map to find the details:


e.g. Harringay Ladder North had 101 cases in the last seven days, up 53 on the week, giving a rolling rate of 1,125.5 cases per 100, 000.

Meanwhile London ambulance is reporting that it received as many calls on Boxing Day as it did in the first wave: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-55461390

& London's hospitals are filling up

Be very careful out there and avoid mixing with people outside your household!

It's a nasty disease for many people, including long covid for younger people as well as worse outcomes for those who are older & more vulnerable.

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It is correct that you call this positive test result and not "cases" like the majority of media coverage.

There is a lot of scientific information around the working of PCR tests and how to interpret results etc conduvted by scientists worth knowing.

Please also see the annual reports of hospitals filling up, e g  in 2018.



Quotes from the scientific peer-review by experts in their field, see above link!
To quote:
"These are severe design errors, since the test cannot discriminate between the whole virus and viral fragments. The test cannot be used as a diagnostic for SARS-viruses."

"The design errors described here are so severe that it is highly unlikely that specific amplification of SARS-CoV-2 genetic material will occur using the protocol of the Corman-Drosten paper."

"Any molecular biologist familiar with RT-PCR design would have easily observed the grave errors present in the Corman-Drosten paper before the actual review process"

This is a single paper by one group of people, challenging an approach being used by hospitals, scientists and the WHO around the world. I find this deeply suspicious.

If you find this particular paper by reknowned international scientists highly suspicious, please do some further research and you will find that there are plenty others out there.

E.g. Prof John Ioannides.

Science is about asking questions and debating.

How about information by the WHO itself by the way..


There's a small number of false positives & also a number of false negatives. There are also a lot of asymptomatic people who are not having tests at all. 

That the number of false results is small is perception not scientific.

The article and names quoted have looked into this extensively.

Not fake. Not news. Science. 

Just to be clear..I am not saying vulnerable people should not be protected..they always should..but there is plenty of evidence out there that figures are taken out of context and there is no debate about different conclusions.

Measures are disproportionate for 99.7% survival rates. 

Collateral damage of 100mio people in extreme poverty estimated by experts. There must be a better way given the figures and data available after 9months+.

"Measures are disproportionate" - I would suggest they are not. If you catch Covid 19 you are a potential threat to the health of others.   Any person with Covid 19 who is ill enough to go to hospital has the potential to put the lives of medical and nursing staff in danger. Up until September 2020 it was estimated that 650 health and social care workers died after contacting Covid through contact with patients.

We are now having reports from A and E staff and others working in the NHS that they are experiencing intense pressure on beds, with ITU beds near to capacity, pressure on oxygen supplies again, intense pressure for ambulances.

At the moment 20,426 Covid patients are being treated in hospital, this is the highest number since the beginning of the pandemic. Patients with non-Covid illnesses such as cancer, or those awaiting surgery, such as hip replacements, now have an uncertain future as they wait to see if their treatment is again cancelled or deferred as the number of beds taken by Covid patients increases. All of this while there is an acute shortage of staff on top of the already chronic shortage of hospital staff.

A young and fit member of my family had Covid in March resulting in some permanent neurological damage that he will have to live with for the rest of his life. 

Throughout the pandemic measures have been far too slow resulting in a loss of control of the virus meaning unnecessary deaths and a large number of people with debilitating 'slow Covid'. The UK compares badly against countries which took early decisive action.

Measures are not disproportionate.

Yes, hospitals fill up in winter - but if you looked at what was happening in any London hospital you will see that they are filling up with covid cases. It's quite worrying hw much fake news is about.

But to put these figures in context - what is the percentage of the population who have been tested ?

When the test system is working well you get 5% or fewer tests turning out positive; the current situation in London is over 15% - see the blue line on this graph - which shows that many cases are being missed:


Am not sure what you base your estimate of 5% on as research suggest that the test is not only not fit for purpose for what is is being used for widely at present but also that it is extremely sensitive to protocol, number of cycles etc..

I'd also suggest you compare actual mortality rates from previous e.g.  5 years for different countries worldwide and look for patterns to put figures into context.. 

One rebuttal by a self selecting group.  I looked up one of the people in the group (someone based in the U.K.) and came up with this.  He no longer practices medicine btw.



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