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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Deborah Hedgecock (Curator) and Clare Stephens (Archivist) receive the map at Bruce Castle Museum (Left to right)   Photo: Harringay Online

Following the the Harringay Map's long journey home and its unveiling at the Garden Ladder, it finally reached its new home today at Bruce Castle Museum.

The 1885 Harringay map was acquired via an ebay auction by a consortium of Harringay Online members. All were keen to ensure that it was 'saved for the neighbourhood'. One of the agreements made by the group was that after taking copies, the original map would be given to Bruce Castle Museum. Today that promise was fulfilled when I went up to the museum with a couple of consortium members for the handover. 

Deborah Hedgecock (Curator) and Clare Stephens (Archivist) were delighted with the gift. Deborah told me, "It's wonderful when we're given donations like this. We're enormously grateful. With funding as tight as it is, we now rely on donations to help keep our collections growing".

Now any member of the public will be able to view the map in the archive room (appointment required).  Anyone still wanting to acquire their own copy can still order one through Harringay Online.

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This is a very nice achievement. Thanks, Hugh, for being the driving force.
Readers might like to know that the museum had another plan relating to an auction sale of lots between Effingham and Hampden Roads. This acquisition, therefore, fills a gap in what was already an interesting collection, which makes it even better.
Deborah, by the way, has written a number of books on local.history, including "Haringey at War", which are on sale at the museum bookshop. It is thanks to her that I first heard of Walter Tull.

A great achievement by HoL. As a Haringey resident and Hornsey Historical Society member I am grateful this map is available for me and others to view. Many thanks.

Great initiative HOL - really good that Bruce Castle's collection is still growing. 



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