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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Resulting from a operation ending in Tottenham. Shipment was in a consignment of Bananas 

And Not word from Local MP complaining about his Electorate being victimised 

More information on Police Web site. It was covered on several TV News Reports

Strange how national press did not give it much coverage

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Just, well, sigh, as some regular HoL readers have sighed for many months now..... Other sighs are available.

Gordon you've inspired me to pen some haiku:

Aware of the sighs
Many across the seasons
Discerned dog whistles.

Sneering down his nose

Must be woke for all to see


Love it. How this not being sung about

Well done coppers

Funny how they never come up on search engines, at Time

It least it got the word spread further 

Good news. Drugs are the root of many of the social problems in Tottenham.

Wanna see the deep end of organised crime and crime in general. Then look no further than the independent you tube channel Scarcity News. They reported the Tottenham drug raid a week ago. 


I wonder how you know that the drugs were destined for distribution in Tottenham.

As mentioned it does not seem to have created Shortages

Delivery Riders and cars are still Running around 24 / 7

Yes cars are normally quieter, to drive but play loud music

And Youths / Dealers / Runners are still being attacked  

Once you notice it you see it constantly. The only thing to do is report it. Take pictures, cooperate with neighbours and give the police the information they need to take action.

And importantly, don't fuel the trade. I know of many otherwise normal people who get some marijuana from a friend of a friend every now and then. They're often the same ones who are shocked at the number of young men stabbing each other. If you must use it, grow your own. We've had enough tragedy.




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