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My husband and I are off travelling for 3 months in June and need somebody to stay in our flat while we're gone.

It's a spacious one-bed first floor flat with a separate kitchen and living room. The living room is large and very bright and the bedroom is at the back and very quiet at night. There is a dishwasher, washing machine and large fridge freezer.

We've lived there very happily for four years and have looked at current rental prices in the area which seem to have risen considerably in that time!

We are asking for £1200 including all bills (wifi, water, gas & electric, council tax) - cheaper than the going rate locally from what I can tell.

We also have two lovely house-cats so it wouldn't be suitable for somebody with allergies, but they are no hassle and nice company!

If you know of anyone who wants to spend the summer in lovely Harringay (off St Anne's Road), please do let us know! Happy to answer any questions about it!

I will also send photos on to anyone who would like to see them.

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Would you accept housing benefit?

Hi Con, sorry I'm just seeing this now. If you add me as a link then we can chat further!

I am looking for the flat for short stay in London during August this year with my family (wife and two school kinds) but when I see such price, I just loose the joy for my London trip.

I understand. London rental prices are a disgrace. We are charging exactly what we pay and won't be making any profit out of this. I hope you and your family get somewhere for August

Thanks Katie. It looks very rational what you say. I hope you will find accommodates for those three months so you can repay you regular cost during this period.



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