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After much pestering about the northern Ladder traffic problems word on the street is that the council are to spend £1,500,000 pounds on the Green Lanes junction with Frobisher and Alfoxton Ave.

Thats not so much less than is being spent on the entire Green Lanes regeneration project and 5 times as much as is being spent in the current Gardens improvements.

Apparently the work is starting this year, but i've not been able to find out anything at all about whats going to be done, other than yes its happening and no that figure isn't a typo.  Hopefully they'll get the West Green Rd traffic off the Alfoxton dog leg so less of it uses the Frobisher/Willoughby Rd rat run.

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Back to 2-way traffic on Ladder roads then? Or some No Entry and Left Turn only/Right Turn only signs combinations that require traffic on Sydney/Hampden/Frobisher to use Raleigh/Lausanne rather than drive the length of Willoughby? Or make Willoughby one-way southbound from the Sydney Rd junction to avoid the ratrunning from Green Lanes to Turnpike Lane? I dunno: you're the local! 

Presently most of the traffic on the norther Ladder roads is going West Green Road to/from Hornsey and trying to avoid the congestion on Turnpike Lane.

There is also a lot of traffic that comes north up Wightman Road and then has to turn into Frobisher because there is a no right turn from Wightman Road into Turnpike Lane.

That makes this area and Willoughby Road really busy and congested and often jammed full of traffic that goes too fast and behaves dangerously. In combination with that the area is also heavily used by pedestrians often with small children - its the root to NHP school, the Duckets Common park and childrens play ground there, and there are several childminders and nurseries on Willoughby Road itself and several more on the roads just off it, plus its on the pedestrian root used by people to get to Turnpike Lane tube, Hornsey mainline station, and the bus station at Turnpike Lane.

I think this could and should be a pedestrian priority area, and doing that would make Ducketts Common and the surrounding Ladder area massively better and safer. And because all the traffic is funneled by the single point of the Frobisher / Green Lanes intersection it would be a relatively easy thing to fix, so this work they're doing there seems an ideal time to look at it.

Is there enough space at Turnpike Lane/Wightman to put in the right turn currently banned (there are three lanes north/westbound, after all, and the two northbound ones funnel into one, rather badly, at the moment)? That could reduce that element of the traffic flow. Not the first time that's been suggested, perhaps?

I guess we should go ask, but it looks like  there is enough space for it to me, and just tinkering with the light phasing:

Would making west green road two way traffic all the way to Green lanes be a possibility?  (and stopping cars getting onto GL from Alfoxton ave at all by just making it a loop?).

The extra distance might make drivers think twice about making such a detour to get to Hornsey and encourage them to use TPL anyway. 

I thought that sounded like an good and easy way to do it too. I asked about it once and they said it would be one of the things looked at but they didn't sound like it was what they thought likely and said something about it would be difficult to get TfLs approval for, without giving any details why. Its the sort of thing i hope we can find out more about when they start engaging with the community about the options, which is what they keep promising will happen.

TfL come into it, I guess, because there's a bus stop on Alfoxton Rd that would need to be moved to West Green Rd, and so there's the question of where to site it on West Green Rd so that you don't have bus stops opposite each other, or so close that passing traffic is unsighted and so on, and there's a bus stand too...  So much easier in SimCity.

If it's the issue with the bus stop then maybe it could be moved to West Green Road into the parking bays? (Some of the car parking could be moved to Alfoxton ave as there would be enough room to park on both sides of Alfoxton Ave if you made it a closed loop)

There's also another bus stop barely 100 meters back up WGR. Always thought it was weird having 2 so close together.

I have given this a great deal of thought ;-) 

I was wondering whether or not I'd confused this scheme with the Endymion road one or not but it seems I remembered correctly and there are meant to be plans for this junction.

I don't suppose there is any update of the progress is there?

It is still happening, i pester them regularly but its pretty hard to find out much detail about whats going on.

I get told on one hand that the plans and design of the changes have not been decided and when there are some studies and traffic data for the junction we'll be included in deciding what changes should happen, but then at the same time they seem to have a fairly clear plan to straighten out Alfoxton Ave and have it join Green Lanes at a new junction about 80 metres north of where it is now along with removing the traffic lights at Frobisher Rd, so Frobisher becomes a simple open junction like other Ladder Roads.

The work got held up by delays with the Wood Green work which meant they couldn't do traffic studies of the junction as the traffic was disrupted by the Wood Green work and buses still on diversion etc.

The traffic study of the junction did then happen back in July this year. It seem to entail cameras counting the traffic at the junction for barely 24 hours as far as i could tell, but there was also some pedestrian counting done too apparently. They haven't agreed to release any of the data from that study yet.

There is some TfL money they find out if they get for this in December. I don't know what happened to the £1,500,000 that prompted this thread back in March 2014, and there was another £500k in December 2014 that turned out to be for this Alfoxton project too.

I was asking about it last week and what the implication to through traffic on the northern Ladder streets might be with the Frobisher traffic lights being removed and was told that would be looked at after the Alfoxton junction changes as part of the wider Ladder traffic study that is being talked about. That didn't seem like the most sensible arrangement to me!

1 year later and still not a jot of a change, nice work from the council.  I hope something is done about this junction, as a cyclist i take the primary position even with a HGV behind me as I've had a few near passes with vehichles zooming passed if they can spot a smidgeon of a gap.  Now I don't take any chances, and actually this seems to work, never been beeped as yet

I wonder what ever happened to this money.



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