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After much pestering about the northern Ladder traffic problems word on the street is that the council are to spend £1,500,000 pounds on the Green Lanes junction with Frobisher and Alfoxton Ave.

Thats not so much less than is being spent on the entire Green Lanes regeneration project and 5 times as much as is being spent in the current Gardens improvements.

Apparently the work is starting this year, but i've not been able to find out anything at all about whats going to be done, other than yes its happening and no that figure isn't a typo.  Hopefully they'll get the West Green Rd traffic off the Alfoxton dog leg so less of it uses the Frobisher/Willoughby Rd rat run.

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Originally they were going to remove the Alfoxton/Willougby dog leg. Maybe they'll open up the public toilet under there so fewer people at area forums will get the floor to complain about people using Ducketts Common as a toilet.


A Harringay monorail would be good.


Just received this in relation to the work at the junction with Alfoxton Road and Green Lane. I'll provide more details whenI can.

Dear Cllr Alexander,

Thank you for your recent correspondence.

I can confirm that funding has been allocated for a project to be delivered within the Alfoxton Road signalised junction and surrounding vicinity. The scheme is due to commence in financial year 14/15, which means that the scheme has not yet been initiated.

Project Initiation will commence within the next two months, when consultants will be commissioned to undertake multiple studies and technical modeling of various different scenarios to clarify feasibility. At this stage we will also engage with the community to identify their issues and concerns so they can be part of the design consideration process.

Once a feasible option is identified, we will commence with an engineering and architectural preliminary design. The preliminary design will be subject to formal public consultation. The public consultation will inform the next stage, which is detailed design; and then, subject to Transport for London approval, we will construct the scheme.

The above is a simplified delivery process and will span the next three financial years.

I hope this has been helpful; and please contact me should you require any further information.


Stephen Jones
Major Schemes Project Manager

The above is a simplified delivery process and will span the next three financial years.

Quite possibly an oxymoron!

Ant, it wasn't until you posted the images of the fracas outside the church a little while ago that I realised how awful the junction is.

Just to be pedantic--Alfoxton AVENUE not Road!

Has anyone heard any more about this? Wondered if it was moving forward? 

I asked for an update a few days ago so should get that shortly, before that the last update i have is from a couple of months ago -

"We are currently within the process of strategising procurement options for the commissioning of the design team. This is a complex and lengthy process, which will ensure we have a competent and experienced team to deliver a cost effective and robust project."

From other discussion about it what i understand they hope to get done is to straighten out Alfoxton Ave so that all the west bound traffic goes directly to Green Lanes instead of past the block of shops on Alfoxton and into the junction with Frobisher Road, and that after the change the Frobisher Road junction with Green Lanes wont have traffic lights anymore and instead just be like most of the rest of the Ladder roads.

Its unclear how much that will cost and how much they will have left to do more pedestrian friendly things by the Alfoxton shops or the Frobisher junction. Without all that traffic the little parade of shops on Alfoxton Ave could potentially become quite a nice spot. There is a group of us who are trying to ensure local residents get some input early on as the designs progress, if you or anyone else wants to be part of that email northharringayra@gmail.com.  

 North Harringay Residents' Association? You ARE living dangerously. (But good luck with it. I'll be interested to see how it develops.)

Cheers for the update - I actually find that solution a bit worrisome......

Traffic already comes down Alfoxton Avenue too fast in a lot of cases - for some reason the fact that it goes into 2 lanes there, seems to make people put their foot down. I've seen a number of cars have very near misses at that corner (and a couple who have missed it entirely and ended up on the grass!). Adding traffic lights for them to 'race' against can only exacerbate the problem as far as I can see.  

Will drop an email through as would be keen to be involved. 

Ant, can any of that very large pot of money go towards mitigating the hazards at the Frobisher Rd/Willoughby Rd junction - like shaving a few feet off the very corner of Duckett's Common to give mutual visibility and a less sharp turn to vehicles arriving at and turning at that junction? There's room to do it without taking down the plane tree in that corner.

At the moment it's a shocker.

The Frobisher Rd/Willoughby Rd corner does desperately need something done to it, i'd prefer trying for less traffic though than shaving off a bit of Ducketts Common to give cars more space. If we can't get the Frobisher Gate then something like pedestrianizing all the road along the bottom of Duckets Common could be good -



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