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Behind the Houses in Fonthill Road, 1958

Earlier this year, I referenced the Finsbury Park 'photo that launched Don McCullin's career'. Yesterday, I unknowingly published another McCullin photo shot, probably on the same day. Sean Boyle drew my attention the the authourship. In checking that out, I came across this third McCullin photo shot in Finsbury Park in the same year.

Published under the title My New Neighbours, McCullin later wrote, These were our neighbours on Fonthill Road. “Finsbury Park was a battlefield when I was a boy. But it taught me about life very early on, how to stand on my own two feet, how to protect myself and how to fight off would be assailants.

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Comment by Richard Woods on September 7, 2019 at 16:46

Were we not giving deposits back on bottles in 58? 

From our POV down in Harringay, Finsbury Park was more of a dodgy area but I do think he is rather over-egging it! I 'walked out' with a couple of girls there in the late 50s and we never had any bother. Or saw any. 

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