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Hornsey county school opened in 1904, as Hornsey higher elementary school, on land which had been acquired by the board east of South Harringay school. It accommodated 340 mixed pupils in 1906, when average attendance was 127, and changed its name on passing to the county council in 1908. The school was converted from a grammar to a girls' secondary modern in 1951 and was absorbed into the comprehensive Hornsey school for girls in 1967.

South Harringay council school, planned by the board, opened in 1904. It consisted of a building with 600 places for junior mixed pupils and another for 300 infants, on a site between Mattison and Pemberton roads which also housed new higher elementary and special instruction schools. After 1919 the accommodation was for only 400 juniors and 240 infants, until reorganisation in 1934 created a junior mixed and infants' school for 340, while senior girls used the old higher elementary school block facing Pemberton Road. When the senior girls moved into Hornsey grammar school in 1952, their block was occupied by some of the juniors, who shared their own building with the infants. In 1974 the infants took over the Pemberton Road block, leaving the juniors the whole of the old junior school and part of the original infants' school. There were 339 children on the roll of the junior school in 1976 and 263 on that of the infants' in 1975.

(British History Online)

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Comment by Liz on July 7, 2008 at 10:00
Wonder if anyone can identify which room this is now for a Then and Now shot.
Comment by Martha on July 7, 2008 at 12:33
Looks like the infants - main hall - well the windows do. However, I do not really know the juniors (yet!). Will ask at the school.
Comment by Flower on October 31, 2008 at 14:59
I was in the first year's intake from North Harringay Juniors when Hornsey County converted from the Grammar to Secondary Modern in 1951 ... the building which had/has the swimming pool belonging to it. I don't recognise that roof in the photo as the school building has an upstairs to it. I wonder if this 'workshop' became the swimming pool building. It looks big enough to have that small pool in it. Does anyone know? I only realised a few months ago that the old Hornsey County School was now an infants school!
Comment by Nick McKie on July 1, 2019 at 15:28

I was at South Harringay Junior School 1943/46: my class teachers were (? Miss) M W Tressider, then Miss N (? Nora) E Sykes: head throughout was L A Wilson. If there are other 1943/1946 vintage students out there -and still alive - please get in touch. Can't imagine a crowd, but we could have a mini reunion.....Only Barrie McRae springs to mind. This comment driven by having visited the school last Saturday for their summer festival: my first return in 73 years: unimaginable......I'm Nick (then k/a Clifford -my first name) McKie.

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