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I've been trying to find anything on this factory which used to be in Tottenham and relocated to West Ham. My great grandfather William Olley brought his family to Tottenham in the 1880s. My grandfather, also William Olley, was a regular player and possibly captain of the works' football team and fire chief of the factory's fire crew.

I've tried many channels but there's always a chance that someone out there has some photos, press cuttings or some snippet of information that will make that help colour up that period of my family's history even if the it the colour of vulcanised rubber.

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You've tried Bruce Castle, I imagine?

Yes. It was a few years back, but drew a complete blank. The company moved to Nottingham and I managed to get in touch with someone who had worked at the West Ham Plant, but he knew of no archive. Having said that I just searched again I may have found something at Barking and Dagenham Archive and Local Studies Centre. Still worth searching locally though - you never know.

Just looked at the breakdown of the content and it doesn't look that promising.

Here we go, the ever helpful Richard Haddingham has offered a gem via our Facebook page:

Richard Hadingham


gb0350-bd9 - Records of William Warne & Co Ltd - Archives Hub


This collection comprises the records of William Warne & Co Ltd, including a technical notebook (1882-1896), detailing the chemical additives and cost per pound weight for each product manufactured at the companies factory in Barking, together with minute books of the Directors and Annual General Me...

This looks like the very same archive I just found. But now that I'm looking again, it does look like there is alittle more out there now.

Ifonly most of it wasn't about Shane Warne!

I'm sure you'll have found this already but there are some original advertisements here:


I particularly like the sound of the Sultan's Imperishable Bath Brushes and Hand Emollients.

This could be where rubber fetishism was born



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