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Thanks for letting me onto this very interesting site.

I've lived in the borough since 1980 but known it from the 70s.

I was interested in the postcard of the Unwin Arms and shops opposite, I do remember the tall buttressed wall (now demolished) that ran from the top of Turnpike Lane up Wightman Road. What I would be interested to know what was the pub on the corner of Sydney Road and Wightman Road, a friend of mine remembers drinking there but cannot remember the name of it.  

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Is your friend quite certain? I hadn't heard of a pub at that spot before. If it was a pub, most likely it would have been a pub from when it was built. You can see on the map snippet below that the Unwin Arms is marked PH. The only building that looks like it could have been a pub was it seems from this map a bank.

Thanks Hugh, if you Google the site there is a classic Victorian pub-style building there, maybe it was a bank or something?.  My friend is adamant there was a pub there, I'll leave that one open.

Looks like they demolished Harringay Grove and surrounding houses to build that tower block, now they have demolised that and built houses again.

Also fascinated by the picture of the Wellington in Turnpike Lane, the pavilion-fronted building on the north side of it is still there, but the terraced houses (guess built around 1890s) must have been demolished to make way for the art-deco building (now Tesco probably 20s-30s) and beyond, unusual that they would demolish family homes not that long after being built just to build shopfronts.  

Yup, first thing I did was to look at that corner on Street View and I saw the one building that could have been a pub, but as I wrote in my last comment the map says it was a bank. 

Stanley Villas, that used to stand where the Wellington was were only some of the buildings that have gone. A set of houses opposite them and Dovecote Villas a little further north went too. I wonder if it happened when the Piccadilly line and Turnpike Lane Station were built.

Yes Hugh, must have been the bank, maybe my friend was thinking of the Railway Hotel further up.

As for the High Road, you may already know this but some of the original buildings (Dovecot side) can still be seen behind the existing shops, especially one with arched windows abutting BHS.

Not for much longer if property developers get their way -see p42, 44

Thanks Helen, this is proposing quite an upheaval. Can't quite work out from the map where they want to put the Crossrail 2 station and the line that feeds it.

What an irony that the nearby Palace Gates line has been long ripped up. 

Hugh. You had a picture some time ago of a pub on one of the ladder Roads up this end - not far from Wightman, Was it Hampden ?

Guess you mean this one, John. I'm not sure that we ever figured out what it was. Sadly, that plot was not developed at the time the 1894 map was made. So that offers no clues either.

That's the one. But since it's down by the Passage it would be a bit of a stretch to say it was on the corner of Wightman. Sorry.

To go on a slight tangent, I was told that there used to be a pub in Hornsey Vale area called the Aberdonian/Abassinian, Aber...something, apparently it didn't have a spirits licence so it was beer only. It would be somewhere where the Hornsey School for Girls is now.

Addendum....doing a bit of research on the web, there was an Abyssinia House roughly where Montague Road is, the pub was probably further down Montague Road somewhere and eventually demolished in the late 60's. I'm seeing some old Crouch End pals on Saturday so I may be able to find out some more.

The Abbysian [not sure of spelling[ was at 18 spencer Rd corner with Canon Td which led via Gordon Rd to Inderwick RD where HGS is now. The old HG school in Weston Pk was demolished & replaced with a block of flats called... Abbysinian Court I think.



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