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Stanley Morison designer of the ubiquitous Times Roman font, elected Royal Designer for Industry by the Royal Society of Arts, grew up at 123 Fairfax Road between 1896 & 1912.

Is that your house?

I've updated the Wikipedia article on Morison and there's a reference there if you're interested.

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The link to “new green plaques” leads to a ‘page nor found’, and the only info I can find on the council website says that the green plaque scheme ended in 2010. Has it been revived, and if so, can you amend the link? 

Not as far as I know. Like a lot of nice to haves, this scheme was probably a victim of spending cuts.

I’ve replaced Liz’s original link with a link to that page on the Internet archive. That’s the best I can do.

After joining the Monotype Corporation, Stanley Morison commissioned Eric Gill to develop the famous Gill Sans typeface in 1928. It was soon adopted by the London & North Eastern Railway as its standard font, so it would have appeared on the locomotives and carriages working on the main line, passing the westward end of the street where Morison grew up.



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