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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

 The photo below depicts  Hornsey Station, in Tottenham Lane which runs parralel to Wightman Rd & Unwin Arms etc, which, along with the extensive railway sidings and 'sheds' etc, were constant targets from bombing during WW2, and sustained a V2 rocket attack towards the end of the war. It may account for the various changes to the area your readers have been refering to recently. This film clip - although mixed up to fool the enemy- may help the older burghers to remember earlier times.    www.britshpathe.com

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Key in 'Hornsey'.

You can even see a evocative clip of Crouch End  shops & traffic during rationing & also the Town Hall & its annexes. Great stuff.

Here's the Crouch End rationing clip.

Surely Tam Neal means corner of Ribblesdale Rd N8 & Harringay Boys Club {or present day equivalent} not YMCA, which is nearer Crouch End??

It landed right where entrance to the industrial estate on Tottenham lane is now ( up a bit from Jewsons )

There's a YMCA building (called the Harringay Club?) on the corner of Ribblesdale Road.

Yes Alan, and that's Hornsey!



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