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This is the second or third time I've seen this rumour. Anyone know if there's anything to it?

"As a kid growing up in Harringay I remember there being talk of a tunnel under the railway (Kings Cross - Hornsey - Potters Bar) from Wightman Road (very close to the junction with Beresford Road) to Weston Park.

"As I recall there were council depots at either end which could have been the entrances, but at the eastern end there is/was a house with a 'underground' garage which could equally have been an entrance.

"My interest at the time was that it would have saved me a heck of a long walk to school!

"Am I dreaming / did this exist / was a local urban myth?" See also this post.

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I think you need to look at the History of the Piccadilly Line.. the original section derives out of two separate schemes ..
The reason why there was a branch from Holborn to Aldwych.

The Northern end being part of the Great, Northern and Strand Railway.. which had been planned in 1898 to run Wood Green (Alexandra Park) - Strand.

It may have been intended to run the service out to Potters Bar, but the tunnel was only ever planned to Wood Green..

BTW, a map of the two proposed lines..

The 1880 estate plan of Harringay park clearly shows the tunel where the footpath from Hornsey Station went on its way to Harringay House.
Do you mean this map, John?

I can't make out any tunnel at the magnification of the version we have. I think you have a larger version. Does that show it? I'm sure we'd all welcome your sharing a copy of your version.

Would that survived have survived the building up of the area? I can't imagine so.
Yes that's the map. I thought I had uploaded a detail of the map, but it seems to have got lost. I'll try again.
I am pretty sure the tunnel would have been blocked off when the New River was diverted into its own tunnel under the new Wightman Road as part of the development of the 'Ladder'.
Yup, that will have been filled in when they significantly expanded the railway at Hornsey and built all the sidings.

Perhaps the correspondent in my original post had picked up on some oral history and muddled it somewhat with his boyish fervour to find a short-cut to school
Nice map - definitely haven't seen that one before and it shows the tunnel clearly.
A few notes attached on the subject of the tower etc.  I would guess that either the New River or the Railway company files (or both) would have information about this topic.
There is a tower structure on the New River. It's behind the MOT garage on Wightman Rd and the garage itself is opp Effingham Rd, so one down from Beresford Rd. The tower is prob something to do with the New River though rather than the tunnel discussed.

I remember once seeing a tower built for a water bailiff to watch out for poachers on a good fishing stretch of river. There also appears to be 8 bricks left out as if timbers may have fitted in there to form an adjacent structure. Just a thought.
The garage was originally a refuse and road depot of the Borough of Hornsey, it also acted as a store for the Stroud Green Library during WW2. I don't know but I suspect the tower may have has some function for the depot. I wonder if part of it was a chimney?
It was there before most of the houses, so maybe not?



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