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"In 1962 I was working for the London Evening Standard taking a portrait each week for the newspaper's Show Page and working with the reporter Gerard Garret. My diary for 22 August 1962 records our 10.15 morning appointment at Barbara Windsor's home at 42A, Grand Parade, Harringay. My expenses were one shilling for parking and six shillings and sixpence for entertaining. I usually took three rolls of film on my trusty Leica working with natural light whenever possible but taking some lights and reflectors for back up. "

Diary entry by Michael Ward, who was for over 30 years a top celebrity and news photographer with the British newspaper 'The Sunday Times'.

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Grand, I've been hoping for a reference for this since Chris Smith wrote about growing up hearing Barbara's arguments with ....
This is brilliant! I didn't realise she lived quite so close. All I remember was that her voice carried very well.
Barbara would come and visit a friend, two doors down from us in Stanhope Gardens. They both had loud voices, so we always knew when she was around!

I think this portrait was the outcome of that session taken in her flat in Grand Parade.

I'd say you you be fairly ceratin of that, given the diary date and the NPG record date. Goodonya!
I believe that she was the celebrity guest at the opening of the Seven Sisters Market (now part of teh Wards Corner saga). I wonder if anyone has any information or pictures from then?
I Moved to Harringay when i was five years old and that was in 1950 I have very fond memories of my life in Harringay until i got married in 1973 and moved away .I also remember Babara Windsor living on Grand Parade .Barbara lived above a shop which i believe was Derek Cousins which was a men's Clothes shop.One of my friends father owned a florist called Rose's that was a couple of shops in from the corner of Duckett rd .From my friends front window that looked out over Green Lanes we would try and get of glimpse of Barbara whose flat was practically opposite. I do remember Barbara buying flowers on a saturday from a little old lady that used to sell flowers from the pavement just before Harringay railway bridge.They were great times living in Harringay We had Harringay arena which seemed to have something going on all the time .There was Tom Arnolds Circus and not forgetting the Harringay Racers ice hockey team .As youngsters we would collect the broken hockey sticks and tape them up and have our own game in the street .We Always seemed to be playing football in the street in Pemberton Road .I used to live over a butchers shop in Green Lanes called Thursby's if anyone remembers it .It was one shop in from Warham Rd towards the Arena. On the other corner was the post office
Alas if you were a child on the ladder now you would be stuck inside with music lessons or a playstation. If you were outside you would be three weeks away from an asbo.
Les, that is where my Mum always bought her meat. She said they had lovely cuts.

A memory shared on Facebook by Joyce Boston:

It brought back memories of when she lived at the end of my road Roseberry Gardens in a flat over Grand Parade. I used to walk her dog a white poodle, on taking it back she would say come in while she found a few coins to give me and i used to look at her script on the table. I cant remember what they were for probably one of the carry on films. It must have been late 50s early 60s.




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