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I found this snippet in a programme for a speedway event at the stadium on June 11th 1938:

You can hear him sing a little refrain with Bernard Ette's Orchestra in the video below.

The image of a record below gives a hint as to the probable reason for his expulsion.

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Post updated with new embed for Otto Fassel performing as the other had gone form YouTube.  I've also aded a clue as to why he was probably expelled, though I've been unable to confirm that he was Jewish. 

There are several recordings of Otto Fassel on Youtube - this is from a video.
(The translations in brackets are mine).

“Otto Fassel, Kammersanger aus Wien (Chamber singer from Vienna). This is a recording from 1927 when Otto Fassel was approaching his zenith in the German speaking world. By the early 1930s he had ceased recording in Germany and Austria and moved to Paris, coming to recognition in 1934 and by July 1938 was the "Darling" of Paris. Then he seems to disappear. He was survived by a sister but can only assume Otto himself did not survive the Holocaust.

He also sings ‘Kaddisch’ (Jewish prayer, which is said especially for the salvation of the deceased during the year of mourning) and ‘Estherl mein Schwestrl’ (Ester my sister) as well as other well known popular songs from the Weimar era such as ‘Sehnsucht’ and ‘Schoner Giggolo’ (Nostalgia and Beautiful Giggolo).”



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