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HOL Flower Show - April (aka. what's good in your garden *now*)

It is the Chelsea flower show next month which can only mean one thing ie. that the much better (not to mention cheaper to visit) HOL flower show has been going for almost a year....
Thanks to all the contributors so far - I won't be adding any more placeholders as all the 12 months are now there (maybe we get a milder winter next year and can find something to add in February?).

  • What's it all about? See here.
  • Great - where can I see all the 'shows'? See here.
  • Can I contribute? Most welcome. If you can make the image file size modest (say less than 100k), it will be quicker to upload and view and won't waste the HOL disk space allowance.

A trio of Euphorbia to start things off this month...

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Here's another one not too close. I'm not tall enough! The lilac - lovely in the evening sun however co-incides with toddler's teatime and bathtime so a bit rushed I'm afraid. Still waiting for everything else.
Fair bursting with blooms!
I was just looking at these gorgeous photos from last year and the year before, and making a note to get my camera out this weekend. Any other contributions would be great. Is always interesting seeing how early or late things are compared to previous years - this year I doubt I'll be seeing some of the flowers posted here quite this early, but you never know ...
Thanks for the reminder, Alison! I heard on the radio the other day that after the hard Winter, plants were 'three weeks behind' compared with 'normal'. From a quick peruse of my Euphorbia and Clematis though, they look pretty similar to what was posted here so not too bad?

(I also noticed, Alison, that the hellebore you gave me is starting to burst into life!)
I think three weeks behind is about right for me.



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