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HOL Flower Show - April (aka. what's good in your garden *now*)

It is the Chelsea flower show next month which can only mean one thing ie. that the much better (not to mention cheaper to visit) HOL flower show has been going for almost a year....
Thanks to all the contributors so far - I won't be adding any more placeholders as all the 12 months are now there (maybe we get a milder winter next year and can find something to add in February?).

  • What's it all about? See here.
  • Great - where can I see all the 'shows'? See here.
  • Can I contribute? Most welcome. If you can make the image file size modest (say less than 100k), it will be quicker to upload and view and won't waste the HOL disk space allowance.

A trio of Euphorbia to start things off this month...

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Absolutely love looking at the flower shows Alistair. What a great idea and such a good way to find out what other people grow - as a novice trying to fill a fairly empty space I feel a bit overwhelmed by options and underwhelmed by knowledge and experience. Looking forward to having a go with the flower button this weekend though!
Thanks, Gillian - you'll have to exercise that 'flower button' on your camera! I've been away the last week or so and things are really moving in the garden at the moment.

After the overnight rain, this Clematis was looking a bit damp but rather nice against a blue Harringay sky this morning (neighbour's pear tree blossom in the background).

My favourite thing this month is a clematis I planted last year, Clematis Willy (yes really). It is one of the varieties that you don't cut back each year and which flowers very early. Very pretty no?

It can't be April without some tulips. These are called purple passion, next to some euphorbia.

And these gorgeous little violets have just self-seeded everywhere.

pink geranium
white geranium

Pear blossom
Pear blossom

and the last tulip sheltering from the battering rain
last tulip
Our April page is looking a bit thin, especially how gorgeous it is out there. Here are some more things that have popped up in the last week or so...

Geranium phaem - grow everywhere, these seeded from one growing in the shadiest bit of my garden.

An allium waiting to burst into flower.

And I know these aren't flowers, but aren't they just beautiful? Shuttlecock ferns. They have taken over one section of my garden so if anyone would like one later in the year (assuming they are easy to transplant), let me know.

I love that Allium picture. I can feel the anticipation.
Ok, here's a few from Hewitt:

Spanish Bluebells

Humble Rocket

French Lavender just starting to bloom

Miniature Lilac in early blossom


The humble forget-me-not
I'm not sure I've ever seen flowers on my Rosemary? Some great pictures being added!

(@Alison - ferns definitely allowed under the 'what's good in your garden' clause....!)
That's survived for years in a 10 inch flowerpot on my verandah. Do you have it in full sun?
I suspect that is my problem (north-facing garden) - it seems fairly healthy but full sun would improve matter for Rosemary/Lavender etc.
Me uther aaf told me my photos are too close up - so here's those lavender in full:

'too close up'? - ce n'est pas possible! Nice to get a wider view as well though...



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