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I've heard about the wonderful Zebra street art by TAG but I can't find it. Does anyone know which street it's on?

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It's on a wall on Stanmore Road, near the junction with West Green Road. My 18 month-old son goes mad with excitement every time he sees it!

Just so people consider the possible downsides and where this may be going. Also to consider the potential cost if it's your own property which may need cleaning.

My photo of "street art" in Seven Stars Yard E.1. Google Street View here.

At present cleaning graffiti is a "reactive" service from the Council. It's free. But given cuts on the Council's budget . . .

that's awful, but the Turnpike Art Group work on a permission-granted policy so it's not really comparable to some random tagging in a back alley.


I think it comes down to freedom of choice. If I want to view a Picasso ( and I often do ) or a Holman Hunt or an Audubon flamingo I know where and when to go and it's my choice.

Conversely, if my neighbour across the street gives the TAG permission to decorate his wall I have no choice. It's in my face all day every day. What choice do I have if I don't happen to like that particular piece ? 

funny that, picasso used to do graffiti.


How is that relevant to " if I want to view... " ?

Perhaps we're dealing with the hand of The Artist which is somehow like the hand of a god. Picasso gets out his penknife and carves on a wall.
But hey, that's alright because a banker can have it cut out to keep for his own flat. Even photos of great art on walls are "a goldmine" - according to Picasso in Warren's quotation.  (Though I couldn't find it in this version.)
And that is, of course, what the removers of Banksy's art also thought.
Here's the hand of a recognised god/artist, who knew exactly how cities should look. Discussed in a TED talk by Evelina Ozola.

Is that any different to your neighbour opting to paint the wall themselves though? 

There are rules in place (Section 215 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990) which can be used if adversely affects the amenity of the area.

There are two sides of that freedom of choice, there is also the freedom of your neighbour to decorate as they see fit (subject to the above). 

Well it is different in that TAG is not my neighbour. TAG and others appear to be seeking permission from people who are not necessarily members of TAG and thereby promoting street art  which may not be appropriate to the area targeted.

But they need your neighbour's authorisation and approval.



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