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Yuck! Walls of fat removed from London Sewers

All praise to the workers doing this job.

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I've heard that sewage workers never eat sweetcorn, as so much of turns up in the sewers undigested. I felt like this for several years after regularly finding it in my son's nappy.
"We couldn't even access the sewer as it was blocked by a four-foot wall of solid fat."

High or deep? Eugh!
I wonder if they can turn it into fuel, like they do with used chip fat...
Not that I'm obsessed with this or anything, but here are more pictures of this work and an answer to Maddy's question: [Thames Water] is encouraging London restaurants to recycle their cooking fat instead of pouring it down the drain. "They have their fat collected and it gets turned into biofuel," ...

Once in the sewer, though, the fat can't be turned into fuel, as it becomes tainted by other waste and trash..."

By the way Haringey take old cooking oil at the Refuse and Recycle centres



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