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 .... compared to most of the rest of Europe. Quite how or why one can probably only guess but here are the comparisons, taken from this BBC article;

Residential electricity prices in European cities

Gas prices in European cities

SSE has just announced it is freezing prices till 2016. Over the past 6 years gas prices have gone up by 66% & electricity by 33% (approx.).

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I think they've started already actually! 

It's also a good time to put solar panels on your roof, as prices have come down massively in a few years, but you can still benefit from feed-in tariffs, i.e. a guaranteed revenue. 

Double glazing, carpets, thick curtains and loft insulation all make a huge difference although keeping an air flow going is important to prevent damp in some places. But like TBD said it was very noticeable in our newly built extension how much warmer it was than the rest of the house.

This will probably be an unpopular thing to say as I know fuel poverty is a real problem for many people. But while multiple occupancy houses on our street have their windows open all day and night all through the winter (presumably because the heating is on full blast 24 hours a day) and while people keep their houses warm enough to wear a t shirt in winter - it's still too cheap.

At the science museum there's a machine where you have to pump water up to the top of a generator to create enough energy to make a tv screen work. It takes a huge amount of effort to make a tv screen flicker for a few seconds. We need to be much more aware of how much energy it takes for us to live our lives and then maybe we'd be a bit more careful about what we use.

(I never miss a chance to plug our brilliant electricity supplier!  Green Energy have a completely renewable tarriff with zero carbon emissions as well as  combined heat and power tarriffs which have carbon emissions a fraction of traditional sources. We've been with them for years and they're a great friendly company to deal with. )

Allow me to also plug:

Good Energy

I dig the idea that as consumers we can choose to pay a bit more for energy which is sourced from renewables, helping to fund the build out of that infrastructure.



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