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Opening in March, London pizza chain Yard Sale Pizza is opening on Vicarage Parade, almost next door to Perkyn’s coffee shop. A pizza place AND a massive sushi restaurant opening on West Green Road in the coming weeks, yum! 


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The chains coming to the area is a mixed blessing.

Bring on the gentrification I say. Better quality goods and services, more affluent arrivals, cleaner streets, better schools due to more middle class children and higher expectations. Plus good pizza and coffee.


I hope so.

Indeed. It starts with decent coffee. The next thing you know you're living next door to Jules and Tabitha who rave about the area and then get their DD and DD tutored so they dont have to go to school around here.

Only if someone sells them that house. Blame your neighbours who've decided they prefer Essex. 

That’s a mad price for the Ladder plus I’d want to rip out most of the kitchen and bathrooms.  

I can't really blame them. 

I hope you're taking the Mickey? 

Very exciting news...two of my all time favourite cuisines opening on the same road. Happy days! :)

Yes, but A pizza is readily available, and is getting very boring (imho) and B it used to be a fairly decent Chinese takeaway until it suddenly closed a few weeks ago. And now we will have 3 (4?) local pizza takeaways and no Chinese ones…



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