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Ate at the new Sri Lankan place ... It was ... Bloody delicious. Top marks

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where is and what u eat?

Last evening was packed. Delicious food, very kind staff. I found it pricy but it may depend on the dishes.

On the corner of Cavendish and Green Lanes. It was £30 for two including boozy drinks. Might have been more if we'd eaten meat. Anyway, if recommend it, that's all.

That's very decent value for money. You can't eat lunch for less than £7 in the city these days so £15 pp for a sit down dinner is perfectly digestible... We'll be making a visit very soon. 

We went there on Wednesday and it was great. Wonderful Sri Lankan food, lovely people.
It's pretty good. Went there Friday evening, it was busy, some people waited a bit longer than they hoped for, but people looked very happy with the food. This was its first week, it should get even better with time.
Sardine starter was v good, a salmon starter was competent but paled by comparison. A goat main was good, a venison main was really well done.
From front of house to the kitchen they seem to know what they are doing.
A lovely space, good service and and star addition to the area. The manager said they had looked for some time for a second branch - the other one is in Croydon - and picked Green Lanes. Lucky us.

To add to the chorus of positive reviews, we had takeaway from there this weekend and it was really good. They were absolutely run off their feet as well, which is good to see. 

Hooray! Yaalu Yaalu has opened again for takeaways. We had a fabulous meal from them tonight (7 June). It's as good as we remembered.

This news has really cheered me up

I am sorry to report that Yaalu Yaalu seems to have closed. It is such a shame as we loved going there and the food was brilliant. Their website says they are going online and that the Croydon branch will stay open so it's hard to know if they'll be delivering in this area in the future.

Please don't say we're getting another Turkish restaurant in its place.

Yes, sadly Yaalu Yaalu are done. However, their replacement is not another Turkish, but the baker Dusty Knuckle (who will also do pizzas some nights). More info in this thread here.

Oh thanks for that. I see they're opening mid May so I'll definitely go and give them a try!



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