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Is anyone else experiencing regular noise at night time coming from a group of people hanging around near or at the top of Kimberley Gardens? 

On 29 Dec the police actually arrived to break up their gathering. 

It happens almost every night recently.

It's currently 4.30am and tonight they woke me around 3am with their noise and I've been unable to sleep since. I think they left around 4.15am.

I tried to register a noise complaint but the council's form is down. 

So tired :( 

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If the normal channels are down, you could try going via Twitter (@ContactHaringey) or your local councillors.  

The link below takes you to your councillors and their contact details.  As we’re now in lockdown it’s important that gatherings are dispersed (and that you should be able to get a decent night’s sleep). Getting onto Twitter as suggested by Hugh is an excellent idea - you do tend to get a fast response.


Thanks both, I'll try those avenues too. I do empathise with them as presumably they're trying to be safer and socialise outdoors, but still... 

I was advised to call the police next time:

"Please refer such gatherings to the police on 10, as this contravenes the current Government guidelines. 

Kind regards,

Haringey Customer Services Team"



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