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Thanks to Dick for a photo showing work resuming today - though quite what they're doing isn't clear. From what Dick has been able to see, they had already filled the hole some weeks ago. I think it was pretty much where you can see the blue plastic along the river bank in the photo below.

From what I can see in the photo, it does look like there is still a hole to be filled where that blue liner is (click photo to enlarge). I can also see what looks like metal reinforcement along the rail side of the hole. I assume the fencing has been moved t the west side of the path to get it out of the way, rather than to protect the workmen from any danger from the little valley where the two embankments meet.

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The repair crew have been hard at work in the past couple of days.  Some of them in waders appear to be installing new revetments supporting the river bank.  It occurs to me that the whole section of bank from Wightman to Hampden may have started to suffer because of the heavy vehicles that sometimes drive along the bank which, I suspect, was not designed for such loads.  Until the 1990s there were hardly ever motor vehicles along there and then only light vans.  When the tunnel was cleaned out in 2012, huge vehicles were reversed along from Hampden to suck up the sludge (see photo).   At that time, and again later, some surfacing material was put down to save the path from being too churned up by the grab lorries that periodically come to gather up and remove the piles of flotsam that is hauled out of the water by the automatic machine that runs continually.

Thanks for the update, Dick.

I see that the New River path is now open again.



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