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Looking at a map recently I noticed that Woodstock Road appears to be a B-road - the (southern end of the) B150.

Here it is on the Ordnance Survey online:

And on Bing

Openstreetmaps has both Woodstock Road and the bottom of Upper Tollington Park both designated as B150:

Google maps doesn't label either of them:

The mystery to me is why Woodstock Road was a B-road in the first place. I found this 1884 map of water board districts which seems to suggest that Woodstock Road (or part of it - and that part leading into Victoria Road rather than Florence Road as at present) existed before Upper Tollington Park was built, but it's not obvious why it would have been a B-road then either (and I think this that was some time before roads were classified anyway):

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Ok. But I can't see why Woodstock being declassified would have an effect on the B138.

No sorry that's not what I was saying. My earlier remark "This would explain the massive expenditure on the B138" was in reply to Richard and Hugh's points, that one of the original purposes of classification was to enable authorities to prioritise funding between different roads. 

I think the declassification of Woodstock and Florence roads is a good precedent for declassifying any other B-roads that are carrying more traffic than they are capable of carrying, creating health and safety risks for residents and schools etc., and (as in the B138) massive expenditure by the utility companies to repair the services underneath.



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