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Anyone know what's the deal? Traffic backed up most of the way southbound to Tesco Metro on Green Lanes past copshop 

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Beyonce playing at Spurs tonight has gridlocked much of the road network 

Tuesday's traffic-jam from Wood Green station backed-up beyond White Hart Lane to infinity was due to a broken-down bus on the lights. Some drivers tried steering around the traffic island but it meant cutting through the pedestrian sequence on the lights.

Of course, an obvious side-effect of LTNs is that there’s no safety valve in exactly these circumstances (though I don’t know if that was a factor here this week). If there’s a serious breakdown, or disruptive roadworks, blocking a lane or junction and traffic is corralled onto main roads, it has nowhere to go when the penalty for taking a cut-through is a £65 fine, hence mega-tailbacks.

You're right Don. Before the LTNs there was no traffic queues anywhere in the area because drivers simply cut through all the side streets and the traffic flowed through the borough like water. Good grief. Can people please stop talking about congestion in the borough like it's something new that's been created by the LTNs. It's absolutely absurd and demonstrably untrue. You anti LTNers would love this to be the case, but it's simply not. The issues we've seen this week are nothing to do with LTNs, would have happened before the LTNs were put in place and, sorry to break this to you, but will happen after all the LTNs have been put in place. There was no magical safety valve before and there are none now. The congestion this week has been explained, has nothing to do with the LTNs and they have had no impact on it. Can we please move one? 

delusional nonsense

As a person who drives through Haringey regularly and has done for many years I can say you are completely wrong. The LTNs have been a disaster and the claim that they exacerbate situations of heavy traffic is entirely valid. But then I only have real life experience to inform me..

Could you try cycling through Haringey in future? 

Please skip the moralising. I drive because I need to carry tools to carry out my work. Otherwise I cycle. In the real world many people need to drive and finger wagging might make you feel morally superior but that's about it 

No moralising or finger-wagging. The world of bikes has changed rapidly in recent years, after all. Witness the remarkable range of (electric) cargo bikes out there.

Worth reading this article, perhaps, as inspo: https://www.treehugger.com/uk-plumber-conducts-business-by-cargo-bi... 


Rory — Of course there was congestion before LTNs were created; that’s exactly my point! I believe the council has hit the wrong target. In St Ann’s there were only three streets with a rush-hour traffic problem; creating an LTN has changed nothing in the western bit (already some of the quietest streets in the borough) but made residents’ journeys longer and more complicated, pushing local and through traffic onto West Green Road and GL, two of the previously most congested, polluted and dangerous roads in the area. There was no consideration of, eg, filtering at peak times on the three affected roads, or the impact of extra traffic on residents of so-called “boundary” roads.

As I said above, I believe GL is the key problem, which the council have failed to tackle, just as they’ve also failed to lead by example in using EVs, etc. It’s all very well exhorting people not to use cars, but viable alternatives need to be in place before roads are closed, not years later, and that includes making public transport more attractive. Increasing traffic on main roads slows buses as well as private cars, unless there are specific measures to help. In GL, the council could ban parking from Manor House to the Salisbury, create specific delivery spots — and police them properly — and install a northbound bus lane, with bus priority at traffic lights at Endymion, St Ann’s, West Green and Turnpike Lane, as well as working with TfL/DoT to restrict access to/from the North Circular at rush hours. Any or all of this would help GL and reduce pressure for traffic to try to use (now blocked) side roads, the Ladder or Wightman, and encourage people to walk or use buses instead.

Carrot, not stick!

You might find this document useful (especially page 25 onward)




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