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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Does anybody know about a protest/riot down wood green today just been seeing videos off it on Facebook

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The chaps are part of the Islamic Roadshow and are Anjem Choudrys hate preaching gimps. I just hope the EDL don't get wind of this. The last thing we need are two groups of hate preachers mouthing off.
I was thinking the same. We won't let the EDL in Haringey. No way.
The area outside the library is the "official" speakers corner of Wood Green ( it used to be further up at Spouter's Corner now enshrined in the Weatherspoon's name) so yes I think anyone may stand there and speak or give out leaflets. That stall appeared to be by the Mall door - that's where the trouble took place- possibly because of the works.

I have seen Anjum Choudary and his group a number of times outside Boots before the works. This seems to be their favoured spot. I'm not a lawyer, but I believe that if the message they are broadcasting might result in a breach of the peace (as it did last week) then they can be prevented under criminal law - but presumably if the breach is thought to be incited by them. If they are causing an obstruction then they can prevented under civil law.

The last time I walked past them on a Saturday afternoon with my 3 year old son one of them was shouting through a megaphone "Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them, make war on the kaffirs living in your neighborhood"

The time before that it was "The homosexuals will burn in a beautiful fire"

I'd be interested to know if this is legal or not ?? These are not things I'd like to hear anywhere, but particularly not on a busy high street on a Saturday afternoon when there are lots of children around.

Right. I've been asking this question for something like 15 years when I first heard them talking about how they were going to come kill Jewish women and children.

I stood there watching shoppers go past and nobody seemed to object. Can this be legal?

I'm the kind who DOESN"T jst stand by, who says something. So, should I have said/done something? Should this Jewish woman American have said something to them?

I can't answer that question for you. You would obviously have to weigh up the risks of how safe you would feel doing that. You obviously didn't feel comfortable doing so which is completely understandable in such an intimidating situation. Perhaps in retrospect you could've reported the hate speech to the Police?

I'm pretty sure this kind of thing is supposed to be illegal, but as you say they've been there for years spouting unpleasant stuff so presumably the police have made the decision to leave them to it - but you're quite right Sharon, we should tell the police when we hear them saying such things, something I've vowed to do from now on, and maybe if enough of us start complaining the police will do something about it.




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