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Does anybody know about a protest/riot down wood green today just been seeing videos off it on Facebook

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Frustrated voters who couldn't get tickets for Boris's Meet the People ?

It appears to have been a Kurdish protest ( Newroz is this weekend) clashing with a group of Muslims who were running a stall. World politics coming to a local high street I think.

Yet another unfunny JohnD comment.

Yesterday was the Kurdish New Year - celebrations !! all around the world.. http://www.wsj.com/video/turkish-kurds-celebrate-the-new-year/F7EA8...

Yes, but there was a bit of a skirmish yesterday outside the Mall. Newroz is likely to be especially charged for some given what is happening in Syria. There were lots of police and the trouble appeared to die down quite quickly.
The video looked really disturbing bricks being thrown, Saturday is a busy day with shoppers. If they want to fight they should join the army or go home and not ruin our country.
Apparently it was around 5ish. Yes, disturbing to be part of as a passerby but the police were pretty prompt in their response, I thought.

Our country ? Please define.. on second thoughts .. better not.

Go home? This is their home.
Carla, I agree the violence looks terrifying and is unacceptable. The Kurdish group were responding to a publicity stall manned by Anjim Choudry and I am horrified that he is seeking recruits from our community. He has established a number of organisations the last being Muslims4You which is a prescribed terrorist organisation, he advocates Sharia Law for the UK, celebrates the 7/7 tube bombers and has been instrumental in the radicalisation of a number of the young people who have gone to fight for Islamic State.

The Kurdish regions of Syria and Northern Iraq have been decimated by Islamic State, you may have read about the siege of Kobane http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-31088684 So while I don't condone the violence in Wood Green I applaud the sentiment in opposing a man whose actions are so detrimental to the Kurdish community's home here in London and to their families in Kurdistan.
Choudry was obviously there to deliberately provoke. The muslim stall has been part of wood green for the 32 years I've lived here, usually young guys giving out copies of the Quran, never any bother. This turn of events is very disturbing indeed.

I must disagree. Now that I know he's associated with it that explains my experience with it over a decade ago desdcribed elsewhere on this thread. it was there I walked by a man saying 'we're going to come kill your women and we're going to come kill your children". He was addressing the Jews. That occasion stays with me, and the fact that nobody seemed to care, was just getting on with their shopping.



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