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That sounds as if you are trying to damage this business having heard only one side of the story.

Isn't the letting agent's view at the bottom of the article? Or are you looking for another other side?

It is. But has TTTH read it ? Or doesn't he believe the manager of the Agency ? On what basis ? 

So the lettings agency is being targeted because of the landlord who is not the agency.

More 6th form outrage. Grow up. Nothing to see here, move along. 

That's not really the point though.

Its obviously not right if people are denied access to a service based on their homosexuality. The issue here is that there is no evidence of that being the case (or at least none in the article). The agency claims the landlord only wanted to rent to a single person rather than a couple. That's fair enough but these people have interpreted that as homophobia. The agency say they rent other properties to homosexuals. 

It seems unfair that this agency is being targeted for mob attention when there is no definitive evidence of wrongdoing.

We're going down a slippery slope as a society if people are deemed guilty solely because an allegation has been made by a group with protected characteristics. 

I've actually had it said to me and my partner, by another lettings company, that they "don't normally rent to... er... couples". We'd gone through an agency and already signed a contract. There were plenty of couples living in the flats, even a whole family in a flat the same size as ours.

Since all of this - the incident and the protest - happened three years ago (Pink News 2018/10/11), wouldn't it be a good idea to find out if it has all been smoothed over long ago before somebody called TTTH in an idle moment flicks back through his PN archives and decides to raise a hue & cry at someone else's expense?  It's hardly what the HOL forum is for.

Alleged throwing of water! The agent denied that. No reason to believe one party over another. 

Having said that, I'd have some sympathy with a shop owner who did this if people were lounging all over her/his shopfront with the express intent of deterring customers from entering. 

You mean, let you slag off a local business on the basis of a disputed allegation. I think not. As Mr Emporium says, that's not what the forum is for.

Great attitude. You don't care for someone's viewpoint if it doesn't fit in with yours. This one sentence is damning in my opinion. 

As a gay man myself, with an obvious concern about any situation where "homophobia" could and should be called-out, I find myself confused by your viewpoint.

This was a single accusation against a single landlord, who employed the services of a single estate agent, three years ago.

Now, three years and a pandemic later, why have you posted this?

Unfortunately, it's the downside of social media in its ability to re-circulate old news. It helps keep the flow of anger, 'anti' and protest moving.



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