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Haringey Council have extended the consultation period for the Wood Green Area Action Plan (AAP) – ‘Preferred Option’ to Friday 28th April 2017.

This means that there is still time for you and your neighbours to get involved if you haven’t already done so.

Have your say now at: 


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The Wood Green plans have big implications for traffic on Green Lanes, Wightman, West Green, St Ann's. See my blog post on the Wood Green plan:


also, a follow up post in response to a reader's comment, treating the traffic element more concisely:


Hopefully this will give more people a chance to take the Council to task about one of the silliest 'regeneration' plans out - to demolish over 270 homes in Page High and Sky City (flats over the shopping mall on both sides of the High Road) plus over 30 privately owned homes in Caxton, Mayes and Coburg Roads....and the social rent sector tenants in the flats will have no guaranteed right to return to the fancier, taller blocks of flats that take their place. The Council have told the public it's  to make the 'shopping city' a 'metropolitan town centre' in planner-speak,  that is an imitation of Brent Cross, and supposedly ensure that 'big name stores' continue to come here. ...despite the fact that such stores are already suffering from internet-sales competition, their sales are flagging nationally and the iconic M and S has already left Wood Green.

The old M&S site is going to be a new Premier Inn
That's a huge vote of confidence in the local area. They wouldn't have done that without a big think. It's a huge investment, in the same ball park as the ally pally development.

14.1 million just for the lease.
Did you mean the BHS site? (Which I thought was to be an access shaft for TFL's preferred route for a Crossrail 2 station at Turnpike Lane.)

Here's a LINK to the map showing the two worksites (can't paste the image direct, the mapping is copyrighted).

A Travelodge is being built above Argos in Wood Green, and the Green Rooms on Station Road is worth a visit...

Interesting... I note that they say they'll build 130 "homes" and some of them will be affordable and some of them will be family (presumably family homes have one or two single rooms). As usual, no actual numbers other than the headline.

This was launched in December and is apparently a taste of the Wood Green to come.



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