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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

I wondered if anyone can recommend a good place or online company to buy wood that is reasonably priced?

 Thanks in advance

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I use Log Delivery They deliver kiln dried wood in useful sizes, depending on what you can store. I normally go for a 'barrow bag'. You can pick 3 different delivery slots, they have always been on time & I am very happy with the products. Price seems reasonable, but may not be cheapest.

before buying you should be aware that there's been quite a lot of controversy about these and their impact on the environment. this spring gove said he'd be introducing legislation which may affect them - https://www.theguardian.com/money/2018/may/26/wood-burner-open-fire...


Thanks everyone for all those useful replies 

I second Log Delivery. Great wood, 'packaging' delivery options.

Thank you. I was worried there for a minute that you were going to be another ‘holier than thou’ keyboard warrior. Appreciate you replying.

Nothing 'holier than thou' about 40,000 early deaths a year caused by air pollution.

I know. I dn' even take buses unless they are propulsed by clean energy and I do not drive or get into any cars unless they are electric and I must be certain that the electricity has been produced by sustainabale means. But those sustainablae means must not have damaged the environment e.g ugly wind farms, nuclear energy, hydro electric dams that ruin river courses for wild life.

I also do not any produce, meat, veg or otherwise that I am certain hasn' been grown in a tottall sustainable way.

But I have come to the point where I do not go out and am starving to death....! My choice of clothes is shrinking by the day because so much on sale is not sustainably produced.

I am just so glad I do have my wood burning sove because if I didn't, when it gets very cold, it hetas my Edwardian house very efficiently.


There is if you heat your house using a boiler. Maybe read up on the pollution they emit. 

G C - you might be interested in this

Thanks for that. Appreciate it.



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