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The fireplace in our sitting room was removed and blocked. I’d like to install a wood burner in the void. Anyone done a similar project? Any recommendations on fitters? 

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Stoake stoves 100%

Check first: https://www.gov.uk/smoke-control-area-rules

If allowed at all, the manufacturer must be on the list https://smokecontrol.defra.gov.uk/appliances.php?country=england

They are allowed so long as you pick an approved model and burn correct fuel . And have your chimney sweeped yearly. I had mine installed by a fitter found here on HoL but then found he wasn't Hetas approved which I regret now. I have since had it checked out by approved person who also cleans the chimney. I use log-delivery.co.uk for seasoned wood which they delivered in useful quantities.

Ditto. It's actually near impossible to have a Hetas approved installer/vendor procure a non-compliant oven. 


Could I have the name and contact details of the person that cleans your chimney please?

Found it! Mark Killick 07914 041813, I found via this site so I think you can search his name for recommendations.

Thank you!

I had a small charnwood installed about three years ago - and so did my neighbour.  Both really pleased with it . Their C Series  is basic and  Defra exempt for burning wood in  smoke control areas . They will explain  all this to you on the phone if you are interested. They are as you see on their website , pioneering a green approach.  length https://www.charnwood.com/project/c-five/#1486332602336-f6a77007-5039

 I no longer have details on the  fitter I used who was incredible. I don't know  how he did it all on his own, Ill do a search if you don't find one yourself. 

I think the one we have is clearview   It’s DeEFRA approved and brilliant- the window never gets sooty or discoloured.   

We too had a small Charnwood Cove Stove fitted about 5 years ago - its Defra approved.  Because we're in a flat, we needed to have the flue lined and were advised by our Chimney sweep (H Firkins & Sons) that it should be swept yearly.

The place where we sourced the stove couldn't fit it so we used  Just fit Fires - they were brilliant.

Good luck.

Morsoe 04 here.

Installed by .. Mark Featley found on HOL. He provided a good service.  It was a few years ago and I don't regret it although there have been 'naysayers' on here arguing that stoves contribuute to particulate pollution in London.

So do check out DEFRA site first.

Collect bedframes thrown out onto our lovely neighbourhood streets and you can make yourself a very lovely woodstore with the upcycled wood slats.

I also use log-delivery.



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