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"Wireless Festival crowds 'forced to climb over fences to avoid being trampled'" - Mail Online

Story published a few minutes ago on Mail Online about crowd control problems at Wireless.


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Because posting links to punchlines from 1980s sitcoms proves your point, right?

Nail. Head. Bang. Point well and truly proven.

That's not really what it means. For instance, Hindu nationalists are neither white supremacists or neo nazis. Neither are the right wing nationalists in Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar etc.

Racist ideology exists among at all political extremes and also in the middle. Two Labour councillors in Haringey were recently disciplined for racism of the anti-semitic variety. 

I was talking to someone last night who was working at the festival. He said that both the Manor House gate was open as an entrance and the Endymion Road gate (Bridge) was also open so the story is inaccurate in saying that it was only the Seven Sisters main gate that was open. He also said the crowds were completely over the top, climbing on to cars/vans etc with fights breaking out etc. Not really a surprise that the Mail got it wrong again. The foot traffic was so heavy that at one point Seven Sisters road was closed completely causing traffic chaos. Finsbury Park's location with Seven Sisters rd as a main arterial route is completely unsuitable for this kind of large music event in my opinion. It must be a complete nightmare for residents and for anyone else who happens to be walking or driving in the area. This sort of massive festival would be far better suited in a location that is less urban. Money is obviously more important that the welfare of the local people.  

FYI Seven Sisters Road was always planned to be closed for limited times, including next weekend:

"Friday 8 July 2022 (Candi B/Wireless Festival): 10pm-11:30pm.
Saturday 9 July 2022 (SZA/Wireless Festival): 10pm-11:30pm.
Sunday 10 July 2022 (Nicki Minaj/Wireless Festival): 9pm-10:30pm.

Friday 15 July 2022 (Sam Fender): 10pm-11:30pm.
Saturday 16 July 2022 (Community Festival): 10pm-11:30pm.
Sunday 17 July 2022 (George Ezra): 9pm-10:30pm."

See the council page here: https://www.haringey.gov.uk/news/major-events-here-haringey-what-yo...

I don't know if the closures went beyond this though.

I suspect there will always be more people arriving at the gate closest to Finsbury Park station.

For more on the new (right wing extremist) meaning of the 'Thin Blue Line" see: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/jul/10/growing-culture-of-...

There is a powerful smell of piss outside my house today. Thanks, wireless. 

Sevens sisters is apparently closed as well, so the traffic is dire and drivers are acting like unpleasant people at the lights. 

Hands off our park The damage to the park, the noise and the danger to local people and youngsters who attend is just not worth it.

Been doing it since I first lived around this area in 1983, so guess if it upsets people, they shouldn’t move here

I moved here in spring 1998 and didn't know anything about festivals. 

Yes. Agreed. These people care nothing for other park users. Each year the centre of the park is cordoned off during the height of summer and the grass (covered with tiny shards of grass) is killed off.

For many people especially those in the high rise estates nearby this is the only green space. Its where we come to get fresh air and meet friends and enjoy seeing other park users living their lives.

Time for Wireless to go. It's too big, too loud, too long and too antisocial. 

Live Nation have form this they were involved with this event in America Astro world crowd crush eight people killed 



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