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One of my kitchen windows seems to have water trapped inside it. Probably needs complete replacement but wondering if repair is possible. 
Can anyone recommend any local window companies that I could call to have a look at this? 

Thanks in advance.

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Try Lordship Windows, but I'm almost certain they'll tell you that once your panels have condensation developing,  the glass unit will need replacing.

Thanks Hugh for this recommendation. I'll get in touch with them for a quote. You're probably right that the glass panel needs replacing, can't see what else can be done. But let's see what they say. Cheers.

I've got the same issue - and a few weeks after one window started fogging up, another on the other side of the house did. Since I'm guessing it's an age-related issue I'm planning to wait a little while in case others develop (assuming many of the windows were replaced at the same time), before getting them all fixed. Let us know who you use and how much they charge please. 

It's just the one window for me in this state, and it's the newest glass panel in the flat, only about 6 years old. But think the surrounding wood isn't in a good state and only window that hasn't been completely replaced since I've lived here. 

I'll let you know the outcome and price when I get a quote or two. 

Hello, re-window problem. I took Hugh's advice and called in Lordship Windows for an appt. The guy who came told me straightaway that they couldn't fix it as it was a wooden frame and they only do UPVC and something else I've forgotten. He was very nice bloke, very apologetic. 

But I had another window issue in living room - big bay window and the other one, which I'd been putting off for too long (years.) Draught coming in as the seals were going/gone and on windy days, cold air coming in. Sometimes curtains blowing as if windows were open! He checked them out, told me what could be done and gave me a price after calling with the office. And he did that job right away! Very efficient, very friendly and very tidy. Shame they couldn't fix the kitchen one but if ever need any window repairs I'd call Lordship again. 

PS Must say no draught today which is windy and cold. Also the room is quieter, outside noise def reduced. 

Heron Joinery has just put in double glazing, paid for by my housing trust, but I can highly recommend the quality of the work and of the workers.

Thanks for this recommendation! Very handy as I need to find a decent joinery as my frame is wooden. I'll look them up. 

The windows are described as 'blown', like most of mine. The airtight seals holding the glass panes leak air and moisture with it, sadly, it is a downside of double-glazing. Some companies offer a service where they drill small holes in the corners of the glass and clean it out with water and air, this is a lot cheaper except the units are only considered as 'secondary glazing' afterwards and are not as (theoretically) heat efficient.

Thanks Martin. Blown is the word. I'll need that panel replacing and some new wood putting in I suspect as it's going rotten.



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