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Our planters were stolen from our sills last night. We have security cameras and have good footage of the thieves. We’ll report it but don’t expect anything to come of it. It’s such a shame that things like this are stolen. 

Has anyone got any advice or tips for tagging planters or securing them? 

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Sadly, there’s no of course about it. Resource constraints mean that police action on crimes including burglary and motor theft often goes little further than taking the initial report. Window box theft will be lower down the food chain than either of those crimes. However, if the police are given good evidence of a crime that’s easy to follow-up, I presume they be keen to add another secure conviction to their stats. 

So what was their motivation? Were they taking them to decoreate their own place or for selling on? Just pure opportunism? Can a conversation be had with them to get them to see the effect of their actions?

I’ve just had a pot stolen, maybe overnight or early this morning. It was near my gate so probably very easy to snatch quickly. I was wondering which road you live on so I could wander down and see if my theft is related to your culprits, I’m on Pemberton.

It has been reported. The police contacted me today to discuss. I’m going to leave it with them. 

Well done Conlon. 

I’m sure I’m not alone in being interested to hear the eventual outcome of the police report. 

I doubt if the police will do anything, especially since the planters have been returned.

They will if all the other people who said they've had planters stolen report those thefts.



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