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Our planters were stolen from our sills last night. We have security cameras and have good footage of the thieves. We’ll report it but don’t expect anything to come of it. It’s such a shame that things like this are stolen. 

Has anyone got any advice or tips for tagging planters or securing them? 

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I’m reluctant to upload the pics to the site as I’m not 100% on privacy laws. It is a male

and female with a rather large dog. We have audio too and can clearly hear what is being said. They also

 came back last night at 3am and rummaged around again out the front. They went into the neighbouring property too but didn’t take anything. 

So sorry to hear this, it’s utterly infuriating. There are quite a few posts on Nextdoor about plant thefts, including this one with video footage - posting in case the same person. 

Thanks for this. It’s not the same person. 

Sorry to hear this.  This is becoming more and more common, unfortunately.  And seeing as how the police basically told me to my face that they weren't going to do anything when our front door was broken through and our entire house ransacked I would expect much help there.

It's sad, but I've taken to just using plastic faux-terracotta pots and inexpensive flowers out front so that maybe they're less likely to be stolen and cheaper to replace if they are.  Such is the world we're living in.

Just to update! 

We got our planters back. We spotted the culprits entering a house on our road & realised they resided there. I knocked on the door & much to my surprise, I got my planters back. I spotted them carrying a large pot back up our road later that night. I’m hoping they’ve reunited it with the rightful owner...

Well done. What were the bones of that conversation??

I introduced myself & told them I lived on the road. I handed them stills of them stealing the plants and asked them not to do it again. I was very polite- probably too polite! I told them I had young children who were upset (as was I) that they had been taken! 

They were apologetic & even went so far as to offer to help me take my planters back. They didn’t seem all that bothered that I had found them. 

Astonishing story.

You've got some options:

- give the details to the police so they can arrest these thieves and hopefully other neighbours will get their property back too

- tell them you'll go to the police if they don't return all the pots they've stolen using this forum to coordinate returns

- tell them you'll go to the poloce unless they build and maintain a few community planters around Harringay

Please give the evidence to the police. I had some special window boxes stolen too.

"They were apologetic". "You were very polite".

So chances are they won't do it again, because a polite 'don't do it again please' may well be much more effective than a doorstep rant.

And irritating though it is - commentators above - I doubt this crosses the threshold for the Met Police to devote part of their much-diminished budget to it.

Garlands for Conlon !!

Of course the police will investigate if you report it. You have evidence. Please do report it.



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