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Yesterday's strong winds brought down many of my hard cooking pears.  There are plenty more on the tree but these ones are surplus to my needs.  They are quite useless as dessert pears but excellent for cooking or bottling.  If you would like some, please get in touch.

The picture shows about 30kg.

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I would love some - could pick up this afternoon if nearby to the Gardens.

I sent you a connection request and got your response , but replied that today would be better and now for some reason your connection acceptance and reply has disappeared and it doesn't look as though you received my response - all very strange. Can you message me with your address again please.

Many Thanks 

I have now replied to your message.

After much head scratching I came across the following information:

"Warden was a name given to a class of pears that never quite ripen to softness, remain hard and are therefore ideal for storing and cooking. They were said to have been introduced by Cistercian monks at Warden in Bedfordshire in the 14th century, and slightly varying types have been widely grown throughout these islands. They have found particular favour in cottage gardens as they are prolific and store well. Unless you want broken teeth only use them for pies, stewing and baking, for which they are excellent. They take 1-2 hours, simmered under gentle heat, to soften and need no sugar. They develop a quite rich, sweetly scented flavour, with a hint of cloves. If left to settle for a few hours the colour turns increasingly dusky pink and the flavour intensifies. The flesh is yielding but a little granular."

This describes quite precisely the pears on our largest tree.  It was already fully mature in 1979 when I bought the house and by measure of its circumference, the tree is estimated to have been planted no later than 1940.  The fruit usually fall in the same week as Guy Fawkes but are a bit early this year.

I am today boiling up 17 kg of these pears with about 5kg of apples.  The syrup from this batch, when strained off and concentrated, should yield perhaps six jars of fruit molasses (as we call it).

There are now about 40 kg waiting to be claimed and more on the tree still to fall.

I read that Shakespeare in A Winter's Tale, referred to Warden pie which was, it seems, popular in Tudor England.

How interesting. Sorry I haven't been in touch, but I have been ill and am still not well enough to go out, but will give you a call or text as soon as I am better - or if I can persuade a family member to call by and collect. I have a fabulous recipe on standby.

Hello, we would be happy to take pears from you. Also, we have an extendable picker and get the rest of them off before they fall.

We can come today to do this.

Please give me a call 075 9396 1483.

Hi, I would love some pears if there are any still going? My grandma used to have a tree of pears which never fully ripened as dessert pears and made a delicious spiced pear cake with them. The perfect antidote to the darker evenings.

Can pick up today, or any point over the weekend

If there are any left over would love to come and collect some... if you could let me know your address. Thanks, Hannah

I sent you a connection request.

Two people have taken some pears but the tree is gaining on us:

do you have any pears left?




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