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dear all,

I was wondering if someone on Willingdon Rd living in a Victorian house (or similar housing stock) would mind describing where their stopcock is.

I think we have a leak, but Thames Water won't come unless we can turn off the water from the inside, which we can't, as we don't know where the stopcock is! (and neither does the landlady). 

It was suggested that  someone in a similar house might be able to assist by explaining where theirs is.

Thanks in advance,


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Mine is under the stairs, looks like a tap on the pipe work. Some are under the kitchen sink.
There’s also a mains stop valve in the front garden, inside the garden wall you will probably need a plumber for that one though as it’s a special “key” for turning it on/off - though I’m sure you could make something work.
Good luck!

Our house is not like yours but we had a very frustrating search for the stopcock.  It turned out to be under the floorboards just inside the front door (and was leaking...).  If that's yours I hope you don't have a nice tiled floor.

Is there a stopcock on the public pavement outside your house? 



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