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Back in 2007, I added a post about a fox who popped upstairs in our house. This morning, whilst I was sitting at my computer in the upstairs office, I heard the fluttering of a bird outside the window, or at least I thought it was outside, then I caught something out of the corner of my eye and there was a robin sitting on my printer!

We have a very friendly robin who regularly lands within an arm's length in the garden. I haven't given it that much thought because I know all the tales of robins being quite relaxed around humans in the garden. I was assuming that I'd turned up a worm of two for him/her at some point.

Visiting us in the house does seem very unusual though. Or, is it? After I'd spotted her/him, I turned to open the window wide and when I looked again he/she had gone. I went to tell my partner then came back and sat down at the computer again. After a minute or two, I heard a cheep from behind me and eventually spotted the robin, still in the room. She/he hopped to a few different places, then I flapped my arms gently to show him/her the window and she/he was gone.

Strangely exciting, but now I'm feeling guilty. Should I have been more hospitable......did it want something....All hokum, I'm sure.

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They are bold and it's not unusual that they end up indoors when the opportunity presents but better to encourage them out as they can get trapped, which doesn't end well for them!

They're massively territorial I thought? So when you're gardening and they come close they're actually reminding you that you're in their space. I love that you had one come in and try for squatters rights, cheeky so and so. 

Possibly, but you can usually tell when an animal is being territorial. It won't just show up with its hands behind its back whistling Chim chim cher-ee. It's more likely exhibit its own brand of aggression and make persistent threatening naff-off noises. (Excuse all the scientific terms!). Robins in gardems don't do that - they do the Chim chim cher-ee thing.

I used to have a blackbird who would come in the kitchen door and chirp to be fed. Most recently a wood pigeon wandered in the open back door and got as far as the hall before being spotted. They left through the front door.

Who’d’a thunk that birds would so nonchalantly stroll in, wings behind his/her back, whistling, as your pigeon clearly did.

Someone once told me that robins are our loved ones passed on. I like that idea when they come close :)

Love that idea. Thank you.



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