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Wightman road - surely 6 lane junction at north end creates extra traffic?

There's a lot of ongoing discussions on this site regarding local traffic issues, with the volume of traffic on Wightman road a key issue, both making Wightman road unpleasant (even with the poorly signposted 20 zone), and creating more traffic on the ladder.

Given this, I was amazed a couple of weeks ago to see the design of the junction of Wightman road & Turnpike line, which basically tells drivers 'come on in, this is a big through road'...

Wightman road at this junction has an amazing 6 lanes, in strong contrast to the one each way further south. 

Maybe traffic volumes would reduce if there was a redesign of this junction, narrowing down & making Wightman Road much less attractive to through traffic?

If you don't see the junction often (I was on a passing bus), then the google street view of the junction is here (if the very long URL survives...):



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Good point. Satnav is probably responsible for a certain amount of traffic on the Ladder, though I suspect that for most it's a well worn rat-run.

I have been outstandingly successful with liveried lorries. Collect a registration number, note the time of visit, google for their website and email the "contact us" address. Serco were amazing and no longer take their early morning prisoner convoy down Wightman.

Yesterday my wife was followed into Lausanne by a very big truck (she said bigger than a skip truck). She stopped in the middle of the road with her hazard lights on, got out and asked the driver if he spotted the 7.5t sign. He said he hadn't, bent over backwards to be polite and reversed out of the street. I am sure that this is how things are done in Muesli Hill.

Tony Kennedy has promised both myself and wifey to get the 7.5t signs at the entrance to Willoughby and Hampden put up but... I notice he put the one at this junction in a really useless spot but perhaps there was not much choice.

There is a Royal Mail truck that speeds up Umfreville Road and over the speed hump outside my flat every morning just after 6am, I'm just not sure how to know if over 7.5 tons without standing in the middle of the road in the dark trying to flag him down. It's certainly starting to cause structural damage though. He then travels at about 40 mph down Wightman.


Cheers, I've not managed to get his number yet but will do as you suggest when get lucky.

The Royal Mail trucks are 7490kgs. The fact that they EXIST and that manufacturers are screwing people over by building and pushing the biggest possible vehicles they can on society makes me think they really are a bunch of bogan wonkers. Those A-Z Foods trucks from Cranford Way are 7490kgs too, although they're refrigerated so look smaller.
Jono I'm pleased to hear that this is being taken seriously and more clear signs are going up. Hopefully this will make a difference. I am fed up of being woken up when a vehicle races over a speed bump and shakes the entire building. It happens on a regular basis!James I have also seen a Royal Mail van speeding along Wightman Road - I will try and get the registration next time.  
The last three letters are the most important bit if you're just going back to the employer. They're hard to remember and at the moment with the dark mornings and filthy license plates (is that against the law?) it's very hard.

Hi all,

I must say, I don't agree with all the talk to try and reduce and re-route traffic from Wightman Rd, or even the Ladder roads. Sure, slow it down, but don't re-route it. The Ladder roads have very little traffic anyway, including key cross-overs like Frobisher Rd. 

The main problem is: Where would it go? Green Lanes is gridlocked as it is. People don't want the noise and hassle of traffic, but, well, this is a busy city!

Plus, blocking off roads, as was suggested for Wightman Rd in a proposal document by- sorry I forget, a retired police officer or something? - utterly changes the life of an area. I think the blocks on Wilberforce Rd and Finsbury Park Rd etc make the place dead and miserable.


Not sure you'd agree if you had to live with the traffic we have Dominic.

Do you agree with the blocking off of the Gardens?

Hi Hugh, 

I live on Grand Parade so I do live with a lot of traffic!

I wasn't in the area before the Gardens were blocked off, so I can't compare before and after, but I would prefer if they weren't blocked off. 

I don't think the arguments for blocking off roads in residential areas wash. Road noise can be more-or-less eliminated by double or secondary glazing by the resident and safety should be the responsibility of parents and drivers not tarmac and bollards.

Pushing all the traffic into someone else's backyard doesn't solve anything. I was astounded when I read in (found the link now) ward sergeant, Jono Clay-Michael's Traffic Calming Proposal that the suggested alternative route would be Stroud Green Rd/ Crouch Hill/ Topsfield Parade/ Church Lane or Tottenham Lane/ Turnpike Lane. How are the residential areas along that route any different to the one on Wightman Rd?

Ah I see. You've just changed your profile. Previously you gave a Gardens address.

I think if you buy or rent a property on a busy road, you can expect to....well... live on a busy road.

What's happened on the Ladder roads is that they used to have some, but not an unreasonable amount of traffic. That was changed significantly as a result of the various changes to traffic flow in the area. What the current petition is asking for is for the current funding to be used in part to rebalance things. It's not asking for roads to be closed off necessarily. We're asking for a solution to be worked out by the experts. not proscribing one.

No, no - only changed my profile to reset my password - forgot it! It's always said that I live on Grand Parade, Green Lanes.

I think that if you buy a flat/house in a city, you should expect to live in the middle of traffic. I think resident's problems with traffic on the Ladder are completely overstated. I was standing on Seymour Rd in the last hour and the number of vehicles that passed in 30mins was in single figures.

I don't think that there is a clearly-defined, commonly held problem - just a general feeling that residents would prefer less traffic if given the opportunity. Everyone wants safer roads, less pollution, quieter lives etc, but excessive traffic management is not the way to achieve these aims in my opinion.



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