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Wightman road - surely 6 lane junction at north end creates extra traffic?

There's a lot of ongoing discussions on this site regarding local traffic issues, with the volume of traffic on Wightman road a key issue, both making Wightman road unpleasant (even with the poorly signposted 20 zone), and creating more traffic on the ladder.

Given this, I was amazed a couple of weeks ago to see the design of the junction of Wightman road & Turnpike line, which basically tells drivers 'come on in, this is a big through road'...

Wightman road at this junction has an amazing 6 lanes, in strong contrast to the one each way further south. 

Maybe traffic volumes would reduce if there was a redesign of this junction, narrowing down & making Wightman Road much less attractive to through traffic?

If you don't see the junction often (I was on a passing bus), then the google street view of the junction is here (if the very long URL survives...):



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Could it be this map you've seen, John (Mc)?

There's this one of the Fairfax bomb. If you come across any others, say the Sydney Road one,  I'd be interested.

(Apologies Michael for being part of the subverting of your thread).

Is that the right date, John (D)? It occurred to me to wonder why an historical pic of N8 would be on a website covering a part of Twickenham.

Have they wrongly assumed it's 'their' Sydney Road?

So is that "Reader contribution" saying the Sydney Road N8 blast was 10/11/44 as opposed to the 08/01/45 date on the photo?

Confirmation oh ye of little faith :-)

The 10/11/44 was the Tottenham Lane V2: Sydney Rd was 8/1/45.

The "reader" lived in Sydney Rd at the time and now in Richmond Twickenham.


" I was born in the Royal Northern Hospital, Holloway at 3.20 in the morning on the 28th December 1944. Being a Thursday that made me a child with ‘far to go’. How true. 11 days later, just after noon on 8th January 1945, I was blown up by a V2 rocket - a Vergeltungswaffen as the Nazi High Command liked to call them.

The V2 rocket that fell onto Sydney Road just after midday on the 8th December 1945 ( sic - s/be January ) took a number of lives. It was the end of the school Christmas holidays, it was freezing cold and most people were indoors. They were killed. A decorator who had been working on one of the houses in Sydney Road counted himself lucky. He normally went home for his lunch at 1.00 o’clock. On that day he decided to leave at 12.00. He was walking up the street when the rocket hit and he survived… and so did I, underneath half a ton of plaster and lath and my shove ha’penny board.

When I was a little older my grandfather told me later all about the V2 that fell on Sydney Road, Hornsey that morning in January 1945. He said that it was travelling so fast that the first thing he heard was the boom of the explosion. The whistle of it arriving came seconds later. I couldn’t argue with him. He was actually there when it happened. I didn’t see a thing. I was underneath a shove ha’penny board.

 I think P Ryder is confused and is talking about the Tottenham lane one where a little girl was in fact killed


Well researched. So I'll grab the pic and add it to our archives together with your info. Keep 'em coming.
PS: I found the original post on from which your picture came and note that there are two Harringay emigres posting. I'm trying to get their permission to repost in full or, preferably, get them to join HOL and post themselves. I'm having trouble getting the comment to stick, but I know the guy who runs the site so I've asked him to help.
I've also seen that photo in a book published by Hornsey Historical Society. It's called 'Home Fires, a North London Suburb at War' and there is a contribution from John Newstead who tells a very similar story to the one you have quoted.

Yes it was and I'll have to take it all back. The Google and a closer look at that map say it wasn't a bomb/rocket at all. At least now I will never forget Stephen's resolution breaking history lesson. 

So in the 70s they put all that effort into reconfiguring the Wightman/Turnpike junction to allow their new Wood Green Mall to be pedestrianised and now... boy they must be mad.

jonny boy are one of those walking human fact finders that knows everything or are you just a google monster ?

A re-design lets think will never happen that would mean the council crooklyn would actually have to spend money on somthing useful AND when they did try to re-design Green Lanes LOOK WHAT HAPPENED. 

I wonder if the drivers of the huge lorries ( much more than 7.5 T ) using Wightman Road are blindly following their GPS navigators ?



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