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Wightman road - surely 6 lane junction at north end creates extra traffic?

There's a lot of ongoing discussions on this site regarding local traffic issues, with the volume of traffic on Wightman road a key issue, both making Wightman road unpleasant (even with the poorly signposted 20 zone), and creating more traffic on the ladder.

Given this, I was amazed a couple of weeks ago to see the design of the junction of Wightman road & Turnpike line, which basically tells drivers 'come on in, this is a big through road'...

Wightman road at this junction has an amazing 6 lanes, in strong contrast to the one each way further south. 

Maybe traffic volumes would reduce if there was a redesign of this junction, narrowing down & making Wightman Road much less attractive to through traffic?

If you don't see the junction often (I was on a passing bus), then the google street view of the junction is here (if the very long URL survives...):



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Interesting point, Michael. I hadn't thought about that before. The current layout offers a message that people are entering a 'highway zone'.

This used to not even be a junction at all. The Luftwaffe landed a V2 rocket there during WWII. I have Hornsey Park Rd on an old OS map as coming out approximately five houses further up from where it does now. It's been seen by the council since as a way of pedestrianising Wood Green.

Many Harringay residents do not understand the significance of Wightman Rd because they can easily be seduced into thinking that the traffic problem on their road is worse than the one on the other side of the passage. All our traffic is either local or intent on traversing Wightman Rd.

There will not be a redesign although I do note that our "Group Manager Transport Policy and Projects" could be looking for work...

John, I'm breaking my only New Year's Resolution by writing this and so I've only just about managed 4 days and so many hours..

Just for the sake of correctness, I wanted to point out that V2s or A4s as they were also known, had 'nichts zu tun' or nothing to do with the

Luftwaffe (German Air Force). It was totally a Wehrmacht (Army) weapon.

Dictators like Stalin and Hitler kept themselves ahead of the game by continually playing individuals and organisations off against each other.

In this case, the V1 was developed and manufactured by the Luftwaffe, the
V2 by Wernher von Braun for the Wehrmacht. He and the rocket went on
after 1945 to be key players in the USA's space programme with the A4
being the direct predecessor of the Saturn rockets. 

According to wiki: Auf den Raketenstartplätzen wurde insbesondere die erste funktionsfähige Großrakete A4 (Propagandaname: „V2“) vom Heer unter Leitung von Walter Dornberger und Wernher von Braun entwickelt und getestet; Abteilungsleiter für Steuerung und Lenkung war Helmut Gröttrup. Parallel testete in Peenemünde-West die Luftwaffe die Flugbombe Fi 103 (Propagandaname: „V1“).

What did you hear where about Tony Kennedy, John? Is there any substance to what you write or is it just tittle tattle?
Oh Hugh, read his LinkedIn profile more carefully.

Oh John, this is what you link to. What clues am I missing?

Contact Settings. Mine says "Getting back in touch" and "Reference requests".

The Contact Settings - career opportunities ?
Pretty slim evidence on which to base your statement John. Some people are constantly on the lookout for both.
My understanding was that the junction was part of a Seventies traffic scheme. I don't think it had anything to do with a V2 since the cinema that stood on the south-western corner of the old junction survived as a car showroom into the Seventies.

The V2 landed a bit down Sydney Road, where the Victorian houses have since been replaced by council flats. I don't see it as having any relevance to the Turnpike Lane junction.

I've seen a bomb map of Harringay/Crouch End that showed the V1 in the openspace, many bombs that now correspond to not so pretty houses and a V2 at that junction. I didn't say that Wightman Rd was affected, just Hornsey Park Rd. I'm probably wrong as according to The Google there was a V2 at the top of Sydney Rd.



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