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Wightman Road has been open again following the bridge road for a week or so now.  How are people finding things? Is there less congestion on Green Lanes and Turnpike Lake and indeed the ladder roads?

For now there is far less traffic using Wightman Road which is good, as recent discussions have suggested, some traffic simply disappears and many find alternative routes which they find better - that said I suspect it is just a matter of time before it returns to pre-closure levels.

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Much less traffic than before the closure, but much faster too (early in the mornings). I suspect it's just a matter of time as well. That 1.6 mile north/south stretch into Islington just cannot be beaten.

Speeding traffic is definitely a problem. I tried to cross Wightman this evening at 10pm and stood back in horror as one car sped past at probably 60mph and then another one slightly slower but well over 50mph and on the wrong side of the road! If the police/council don't get a grip on this there is going to be a terrible accident. Harringay Councillors, this needs addressing please.

Much better traffic on Green Lanes...

Yes, one can now cycle along Green Lanes again which is fantastic. In addition it appears the heavy vehicles regularly using our residential road north-east of the Salisbury may have lessened in number...

Traffic on Turnpike Lane backed up from Tottenham Lane to Ducketts Common ' 8.00 this morning as it was last Tuesday, but maybe that's normal?  Mondays have been quieter for the last 2 weeks

Traffic does seem to be quieter all over, even on St Ann's Road. My bus journeys yesterday were so quick. I haven't been on Turnpike Lane though.

It is such a massive relief to be able to get around the borough again and stop having to constantly worry about being late and calling in childcare favours - I'll be paying them back for years after last term.

In the morning things don't seem to have improved much but my goodness it's so much better in the evenings around Turnpike Lane.

Much better. It even means I can get to the recycling centre without needing to either goo up to Wood Green shopping centre or via an interesting route to deal with the no right turn from Turnpike lane.

To get to the recycling centre when the road was closed from Turnpike Lane you would just turn left into Wightman, drive around the traffic island and go straight ahead up Hornsey Park.

Well, Upper Tollington Park was back to its usual "solid with cars" state in the mornings once Wightman Road had re-opened and all the cars which head into town down Wightman Road then round the park via Endymion Road and then down Upper Tollington Park for their commute into town were all back in force.  It also meant a high volume of cars cutting through our road (Lancaster Road) again.  I enjoyed the relative peace while it lasted.

Car ownership in London is falling but traffic increasing according to this report

That report is a year out of date and doesn't reflect the massive increase in minicab numbers in that time, (more than double so far and increasing by 600 a week).  Plus the growing delivery traffic reflecting the steady increase in online purchasing, although this is a much smaller increase than minicabs.



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