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Dear all,

This morning we walked along Wightman Road towards the train station and the pollution was unbearable. We noticed cars breaking hard when approaching the narrowing bays (drivers seem genuinely surprised by those bays) and then reaccelerating once they wiggled their way through them. Also we saw drivers not moving past the bay as they seemed concerned about the width and hitting oncoming traffic. This caused further build up of traffic which prevented ppl from moving on the green temporary traffic light.

The changes the council is making seem to cause all sorts of serious problems such as deteriorating road safety, build up of traffic and worsening air pollution. 

What can we do about this? 



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This is the quality of the workmanship our council taxes have gone towards, attached. I reported it to the council but they don’t want to get it fixed. How could this have been signed off as complete?


During the Wightman closure period, a vociferous lobby urged the council to remove obstacles and permanently slow down vehicles for the benefit of cyclists, and get parked cars off the pavement to help pedestrians. Since the council has now done exactly that, creating de facto barriers to slow vehicles down, removing traffic islands and scrapping pavement parking, mightn’t it seem a bit churlish to complain about the resultant increases in noise, congestion or pollution?

It looks likely that displaced traffic will now be forced back onto Green Lanes, increasing congestion and pollution for those not living on the Ladder, and once again delaying the buses that so many people rely on for work and leisure. Perhaps not quite the overall win-win that the lobbyists promoted?

Perhaps dealing with thoughtless parking in bus lanes and inconsiderate drivers doing 5, 7 and even 9-point U turns in the midst of heavy traffic in the Harringay shopping part of Green Lanes would help improve traffic flow along that road.

And maybe even make it a Red Route clearway between certain hours - seems to work where this has been done in other boroughs.

Shall we just wait and see what the effect of the works is when it's all finished? Then we should all engage with the Council to seek any necessary amendments. 

My own experience suggests that it'll take far more than a few wiggles to 'displace traffic on to Green Lanes'.

Yesterday I actually drove along Wightman Road from Finsbury Park to Hampden Road - as a motorist rather than in my usual pedestrian mode - and I have to say it's pretty bad for drivers with vehicles driving with their nearside wheels on paved areas in places and oncoming vehicles swinging out in front of others, etc. It is obviously dangerous for cyclists too.

So while it has succeeded in slowing the traffic and discouraging larger vehicles from using the road, bumps, scrapes, minor accidents and road rage incidents must be on the increase?



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