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At yesterday's meeting, the plan for March to September was presented as a display with Council officers, Network Rail and the builders to talk to.  No elected officials from Harringay Ward were present but one was from St Ann's.

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Thanks Paul. Why aren't you our lead Councillor?

Wow!! There's going to be chaos for the first few days.

Did they confirm a start date? and a works duration?

Yes, please see Bridge Plan 3.jpg  Start date 1st March with full closure from March 29.

Yes thanks, Paul. No mention I notice of suspending parking on Green Lanes to ease congestion - which for me is ignoring a blindingly obvious option. It might all work out ok but I have a very deep sense of forboding about the whole thing. I have a feeling I might as well sell my car for all the good it's going to be for the next 6 months.

It'll take ages pulling out of the ladder roads and the gardens on to green lanes.

Hope the rising bollards have been well lubricated and don't break under the strain.

I've just re-insured the old m'bike.  I'll be filtering [well below 20 though!] ;-)

Will you be sneaking through the cyclist access points through the road blocks on Wightman Road? I'm waiting to see what they look like myself....they may even make it legal for us motorcyclists to do so . .not going to hold my breath though

No, there'd be no point.  It's the low speed filtering which upsets the car drivers.  On the other hand, I will be cycling up and down Wightman with my boy - #5monthplaystreet.

My very selfish priority was getting from A to B as quickly as possible! Just being on the road seems to upset car drivers so that box is already ticked...

Yes, sell your car. Great idea.

I wondered how long it would  take for you to say that, John! Also just to say not all of us car drivers are unaware of cyclists Many of us take careful note and we all manage to get along on streets not made for either, really.  And we also walk as well as drive and try to cross roads  when some  cyclists and some drivers can be unthoughtful. On the closure I think the Hewitt one way turn is being suspended . Also it takes ages to pull of the  ladder roads now onto green lanes esp Beresford and Fairfax. And Frobisher is as they say, a rat run. So  maybe we will  get some positive ideas as a result of this excercise. ok I realise  this in an optimistic  pov. Thanks v much to Wightman Paul for posting this info.; 



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