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Roughly between Beresford and Fairfax both directions showing a constant red.

Any ideas who to contact about this?

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Reporting faults
Requests for reinstating traffic lights which are out of service should be made to Transport for London (TfL) 24hr Street Faults Contact Centre:
Tel: 0343 222 1234
Email: customerservice@tfl.gov.uk
Minicom: 0845 600 1723

More info here  https://www.haringey.gov.uk/parking-roads-and-travel/roads-and-stre...

I reported this to Haringey on their app earlier today. I got caught in this earlier and it was very stressful and dangerous. 

Ah: reading between the lines ('very stressful and dangerous') it sounds more like temporary traffic lights not the ordinary pedestrian crossing on that stretch - then you did right to alert Haringey tho' it'll probably be Mon a.m. before anything's done.

Yes its the temporary ones for the roadworks on Wightman Rd at present. As if it’s not enough of an assault course getting through that road anyway. Being stuck in front of a red light, not realising it’s not working & having a whole load of irate drivers backed up behind you & beeping at you is not much fun.  I find this road really awful to drive down now, it’s like a chicane. I’m convinced there’s going to be an accident soon. 

Wightman Road has never been worse to drive on than it is at the moment. Even when the traffic lights and the traffic cones are gone  I can't see that it is going to be any better.  There is barely room for 2 cars to pass safely in places. Add into the equation a large vehicle and/or a less than confident driver and it gets a bit fraught as a car driver and I definitely wouldn't want to cycle down it. Not seen any accidents but I bet there have already been some. All a bit of a cock-up I think.     

I noticed a few of the sticky-outy-islands (technical term?) are looking bashed up already.

I’m still willing to wait until it’s finished and judge then. I can live with narrow gaps. Roads like the one past Spaniards have survived with very restricted width for a long time. My hope is that they will help to reduce speeds and volumes, but I have no expertise to judge if this is realistic. 

One thing I do think needs doing is to add some sort of reflective device to the bollards on the build outs. They’re easy to miss at night. 

If a cyclist is killed or injured by a vehicle, whilst pulling out to go round the "bumps" is Haringey Council  responsible for creating a dangerous road? I was in that traffic queue this morning at 8am, and if the leading car hadn't gone through the red light, I'd still be there! Some of the vehicles coming the other way, had stopped in line with the bumps making it difficult to pass them. Hugh is very generous to say: "Let's wait and see what it pans out like." I know it's an experiment to reduce vehicular traffic along Wightman road, but the traffic seemed to flow continuously before and I don't see what the problem was. 

Is it still broken?  I reported it to Haringey last weekend!  I would have thought this would be a higher priority issue to fix. 

It was fixed last Saturday.

On the same theme - what are the KPIs/success metrics for the council's work on wightman? I'm with Hugh on this, but I'm really not sure what the objective is (reduced speed) and how that will be evaluated. Or more to the point -how do we/the council know if this is working? Or is this a hit and hope? 

I'm all for making Wightman Road safer but I'm not convinced that the work done is achieving that  - quite the opposite from what I can see. I have never seen anything quite like what has been done on Wightman Road and if it is a proven  design why is that? Does anyone else have any examples? The road  past The Spaniards is completely different.   I'm not at all convinced that it is possible to reduce the amount of traffic on Wightman Road by tinkering with road layout works  - where else are people supposed to divert their journey to other than Green Lanes?



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