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On a quick trot down to Turnpike Lane I thought again how pleasant it is to see people out on the street. Click each picture for a clearer version.

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@ John

Wikipedia says a lot of things. For instance, it holds that my area of Harringay is called "Woodlands Park" which is news to me!

I prefer the Cambridge Dictionary for my definitions I'm afraid and that defines a rat-run as

"a ​small ​road that is used by a lot of ​drivers who are ​trying to ​avoid ​traffic on ​larger ​roads".

Which is pretty much what I thought it meant!

You can blame me for 99% of all the Harringay entries, but I ain't the font of all knowledge (Look at what was in its place pre-March 2007 and you'll get a sense of why I started picking away at it - and then yes got carried away). Most of it is pretty firmly fact-based and referenced, but where a neighbourhood starts and ends is always contentious. I based my neighbourhood borders/names on an informal survey run on HoL. So it's not a one-man invention. What would you and your near neighbours call your area and I can set it right.

@ John

I do use the reply button but it doesn't work on my browser and keeps putting my responses at the top!
That maps is fascinating - thanks for the link Hugh!
@ Hugh

I wouldn't want to say what we would call our area ;)

But I actually like the name Woodlands Park - sounds absolutely lovely!

I know someone who calls it the Harringay Levels...

There's a great big sign on the side of a building at the end of cranley rd calling the area the 'woodland park estate'.

Yes, indeed - great tip Andy - photo below:

Woodlands Park it is for the time being then! We'll edge towards Elsyian Fields in the future! 

Glenwood Road feeds into Woodlands Park Road (which is two-way) already. There would be no benefit I can see for any such changes to be made.

It's very unlikely to see those changes, but look at a map and it's not impossible to construct Green Lanes relief roads to the east. Traffic wants it. It's the very reason the Gardens roads were gated off, that Harringay Road is blocked and that access to Hallam Road is cycle only.  All these closures are in fact under review as we speak. I think it highly unlikely that they'll re-open them, but my point is that Wightman Road isn't the only north-south or east-west relief route option. The fact that these roads to the east of Green Lanes have been blocked to rat-runners means that those are some of the routes traffic wants to take.

Let's all work together to find solutions that work for all of Harringay and consider the needs of Haringey too.

Congestion charging. The technology is there and getting cheaper every year.



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